Giving businesses the ability to rapidly understand and automate even the most complex processes enabling the identification of new opportunities for improvement, growth and innovation
Unleashing the power of information, technologies and business solutions through Enterprise Information Management, Business Process Management and Embedded Analytics


The OpenText Cordys BPM engine enables organisations to manage their most pressing and complex process automation and case management challenges from a single platform. This solution includes a full set of tools within the core platform, which are:

Business Process Management (BPM) – to manage end-to-end processes across systems and applications efficiently and effectively covering integration centric and human centric workflows

Dynamic Case Management – to empower knowledge workers to achieve business outcomes and goals for cases or work units that combine structured data and unstructured information. Knowledge workers are simply guided through the process and have the ability to influence and change the process for ease of use while keeping full transparency at the same time.

Master Data Management (MDM) – manage your critical business data within a uniform, single source platform.

Business Rules Management – seamlessly integrates rules within business processes and business objects during modeling and design time.

OpenText Process Component Library – this set of prebuilt service delivery components and reports enables organisations to “assemble” rather than code applications and deploy them much faster than traditional tools.

Process Experience – to support a single and intuitive work experience for users, no matter which process engine may be driving a process on the back end.

BPM Everywhere – this is a social platform to allow users to participate in processes with a very simple and intuitive user interface. It also supports tablet and other mobile platforms.

OpenText AppWorks Gateway – this is a set of RESTful APIs and developer resources across the broader EIM stack to allow developers to easily create solutions that span the breadth of the OpenText EIM portfolio.

Process Suite Add-On Products

We provide a number of add-ons that extend the technical functionality of the Process Suite. They provide features such as extended reporting and analytics, enterprise and business architecture design, and document and image capturing.

OpenText Process Suite Applications

Developed using the Process Suite platform, these applications serve to package a rich set of functionality aimed at addressing specific business problems. Applications ensure the fastest possible route to addressing business issues and providing your business with that out-of-the-box experience. As with other Process Suite solutions, applications are highly configurable to ensure you can provide the agility to your business requires as needs change.


Advanced Analytics for Business Analysts

Powerful, easy-to-use predictive business analytics for Big Data

Big Data analytics turns big data into business intelligence in order to optimise marketing strategies, predict customer behaviour and closing cycles, analyse key business processes and more. By using personalised business analytics, your company will gain invaluable customer insights.

Embedded Analytics and Data Visualisation

Deliver Built-in analytic capabilities for your data-driven apps

Embedded Analytics is the new competitive advantage. Applications with embedded analytics help connect organisations and consumers to data, creating new business opportunities and innovative ways for users to interact meaningfully and efficiently with their information.


The engine room of Argility’s Omni-Channel customer engagement and single view solutions and services is a team of dedicated OpenText Process Suite professional services, implementation, development and support specialists. Argility’s expertise is rooted in the earliest visions of the software platform with extensive industry specific, packaged solutions and consultancy expertise.

Argility is positioned as an OpenText Competency Leader on the African continent.

Using the OpenText Process Suite Argility can quickly provide a proof of concept which clearly illustrates the benefits the solution would provide to your business.

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