Argility approaches any situation
as a unique challenge of our skills to provide the correct hardware, software, services and consulting to our customers. Like you – we value loyalty above all.
Bespoke Development
Business Process Automation


Argility’s vast and extensive experience in the retail and financial services industry affords us the capability and knowledge to provide not only a solution, but assistance in formulating strategies to drive the customer experience.

Argility’s high calibre consultants have strong industry and line of business experience putting them in the perfect position to engage and consult with all aspects of business strategy and solutions.


In order to ensure the successful adoption of new solutions and strategies, training for all users is a vital requirement.

Argility offers a full training solution which includes training on the systems as well as skills training for back- office and customer interface staff.

Training is provided from classroom style, one-on-one, through to mobile on- or off-line courses.


Argility’s solutions are fully integratable to existing solutions removing the need to replace systems that are working. Argility’s solutions adhere to industry standard best practices.


Implementation and post-implementation support is often the most underestimated task of the project.

Argility provides appropriate levels of resources, rapid response times and coordination of efforts to ensure success of the projects, during and after implementation.


With Argility’s understanding of all types of industry, solutions are tailor-made for the client to an exact fit with requirements, eliminating many of the compromises that are built into “off-the-shelf” software. Bespoke systems can be based on current working methods using the terminology users are already familiar with, reducing training and user adoption times.

Existing solutions can be customised to properly integrate into the environment, or added on to, specific to customer requirements.

Our wide range of industry knowledge extends from the Fishing industry to the Financial sector.


The strategy a business uses to digitise, automate and enable any business process in order to contain costs by integrating applications, restructuring labour resources and using software applications throughout the organisation. Argility’s approach to BPA is that until a process is automated, there is no real value in analysing and defining it. Argility provides the tools and solutions to:

  • Streamline communication in your business process
  • Enforce accountability
  • Minimise costs due to manual errors and inefficiency
  • Develop an insight into the evolution and repercussions of your business process
  • Establish clear approvals hierarchies