Flash Figures is a mobile business intelligence and data visualisation platform. 
Get power business intelligence on your mobile device.

ARGILITY’S FLASH FIGURES moves beyond the confines of traditional reporting, providing a mobile platform that gives users instantaneous access to facts and figures on their mobile devices with critical information sharing capabilities.

It accepts unstructured business data, configures it to your unique requirements, co-ordinates it in a meaningful way and delivers it to your users via their mobile devices – anytime and anywhere.

It allows your business to:

  • Quickly turn data into business advantages and opportunities.
  • Make informed, effective, data-driven decisions in real time for superior business performance.
  • This immediate access to knowledge enables them to work more efficiently and productively.

This gives a critical business advantage:

Flash Figures distributes crucial decision-making data to the point at which the decisions are actually made, The right people can immediately and positively impact operation performance in the right way at exactly the right time.


Information sharing is greatly enhanced, so that more of your employees will have access to the information they need – much faster, and wherever they are.

User-friendly dashboards can be deployed to frontline staff, giving them all the information they need at their fingertips.

The platform can either be configured as an on-premise solution or hosted in the Cloud. You only pay per user in a SaaS model



Real-time information is available at any time.
The iOS and Android mobile apps provide
a convenient means of accessing data from
and presents it in a meaningful way.
This allows employees to make more
immediate decisions and provides a constant
view of where things are, thus eliminating
anxiety due to lack of information.
Empowering employees in this way is the
essence of agile – which is crucial to growth in
the current world of disruptive technologies.



The Flash Figures platform provides powerful,
comprehensive business intelligence across
a range of operational areas. For example,
clicking on a fact in a branch performance
report opens an in-depth view of branch data,
along with historical statistics broken down
by financial period. This deep insight allows
users to operate from a powerful, informed
knowledge position.


Flash Figures’ ability to organise data, analyse
it and deliver useful, actionable insights
gives businesses a new level of strategic and
operational power, transforming companies
into smart organisations.
The platform has the unique ability to
intelligently balance facts against other
information, using mathematical expressions.
This allows it to present data-based
intelligence that is also contextually and
strategically relevant.

Flash Figures Usages