DAMsense is a complete Digital Asset Management system, delivering the ability for your organization to make sense of its digital media files.

     DAMsense is used by organizations to:

  • Manage digital images and deliver them to customers online
  • Sell images and other content online through eCommerce
  • Create a brand image and assets library to ensure brand compliance
  • Provide a managed archive of images for access by PR and media partners


DAMsense is a complete Digital Asset Management system giving your organisation the ability to make sense of its images, videos, music, PDF’s and other documents in one central and searchable repository.

Tailored to your requirements – from large e-Commerce enabled image websites to internal corporate branding asset management systems.

The early adoption of DAM (Digital Asset Management) by marketers and creative directors was driven by a realisation of the growing number of touchpoints in accelerating digital business.

They were challenged by the unenlightened to prove ROI, which became easier on a daily basis especially in the retail sector as supply-chain interaction became entirely digitally driven to service the new generation of the 24/7 connected customer.

As a result of DAM being used as an end-to-end digital asset management system, and for supply chain transactional recording the utilisation of DAM logic and its endless capacity became an elegant system of contract storage and access that embraces governance and risk requirements, without the environmental impact.

DAMSense Uses

Take advantage of DAMsense in you organization

     DAMsense for Marketers

  • Accelerate time to delivery for marketing campaigns
  • Increase the number of promotions in a given time
  • launch new products quickly
  • Control Brand / CI usage
  • Archive a complete media history
  • Multiple access to approved users
  • Version Control

     DAMsense for Supply Chain

  • Easy access to all transactional data providing ready-to-analyse metadata
  • Inter-branch access to all approved documentation
  • Easy visibility into supply chain status

     DAMsense For Customer Service

  • On-demand access to contracts
  • Assists in managing a single view of the customer history
  • Alleviate expensive storage space and resources

      DAMsense also benefits

  • Advertising, PR, and Media Agencies
  • Image Banks
  • Corporates
  • Municipalities and Government Departments
  • Schools and Universities
  • Travel and Tourism Companies

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