Omni-Channel requires a new approach that transforms the organisation from silos of technologies and processes to a seamless ecosystem.
Argility is the proven route to a managed evolution.
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Multiple sales channels ranging from on-line, telephonic, mobile, mail order, self-service, and as importantly, the established physical retail environment are all facets of the new D2C (Direct to Consumer) Omni-Channel integrated engagement and fulfillment processes.

There are some challenges in creating a seamless experience through Omni-Channel such as:

  • Aligning the company’s brand proposition, whichever channel is chosen. The customers focus is not only on the purchase, but on the interaction.
  • Demand planning complexity, getting real-time demand signals across all channels where customers are active 24/7.
  • On-demand delivery expectations created by Omni- Channel instant gratification, customers no longer enter the channel, they are continuously in the channel.
  • A need for optimised inventory and distribution where operational requirements span a broad geography.

The technology that enables Omni-Channel is secondary to the strategy. Once you have established:

  • What makes your customers buy from you and how do they want to buy from you
  • A holistic approach to pricing and trade promotions across all channels
  • Possible scenarios and disruptors
  • Flexible fulfillment processes


Argility then works alongside you to put the systems and processes in place that will result in new customer acquisition and increased loyalty.


The role of the physical premises is changing as customers are now connected 24/7. Argility enables organisations to:

  • Enhance the in-premise experience from self-service to assisted-service by providing various channels on-site to purchase. This could be as simple as handing a written list to sales assistants to interaction on premises or using e-commerce as in-store channel.
  • Reinforce your promotions with digital interaction, communication, personalisation, targeted marketing and behavioural analytics.
  • Reinforce your brands appeal at every turn.
  • Assist you in understanding the patterns of customer behaviour.
  • Empower employees with instant access to all channels that your customers are exposed to.
  • Enable real-time fulfillment and a flexible returns process. The path to return should be just as fluid as the path to purchase.
  • Manage talent and operating processes in line with customers flow patterns.

Argility is your Omni-Channel partner before the technology, through the process and on to the enhancement of the customer experience.

By utilising the “in-touch” factor that Omni-Channel enterprises enjoy with their customers, you can easily:

  • Allow customers to pick their preferred channel of choice and then change it
  • Add new channels at a lower cost and reduced complexity
  • Focus on meeting the customer’s needs and requirements the first time
  • Retain important, consistent information about customers – if they know, you should know
  • Disassociate channel from process and eliminate channel silos


You need to be everywhere your customers are. That increasingly means social media. 71% of on-line shoppers are more likely to purchase from a brand that they follow on-line