Having a single view of the customer is a business imperative and is core to an Omni-Channel engagement strategy
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A Single View of the customer is an aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of the data known by an organisation about its customers.

Based on the information acquired from studying customer behaviour you will be in a great position to send the customers the information they want to see, which in turn drives a great customer experience. This will improve your ability to do targeted promotions and increase the uptake rate on offers made.

DATA QUALITY MANAGEMENT brings disparate and disorganised customer and / or product data into a logical and structured view across all channels, i.e. social media, call center, mobile, telephone, in-store and digital commerce. By combining these different views into a single view with the information being made available to all channels, you will be able to build up a comprehensive, consolidated understanding of customer buying patterns at all contact points, and use that information anywhere.

PRODUCT CATALOGUE MANAGEMENT is the heart of any retail organisation allowing merchandise planners to create the range and distribute the associated product data to the sales channels. Catalogue Management empowers the business when used in conjunction with Campaign Management. It brings pricing and promotions to individual customers through targeted campaigns.

CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT allows you to gather consistent and up to date customer information and makes it available across the enterprise. Gain customer insights into anything from previous behaviour to current status and predictive analytics – from a single source.

CUSTOMER ORDER MANAGEMENT is critical whenever retail sales do not follow the typical check-out process and therefore requires a specialised approach. Easily connected to your existing point-of-sale and fulfilment systems, the intelligent workflow drive approach allows you to easily reserve items pending payment as well as handling complex reserve logistics. This module provides a great customer experience through visibility of sales order status tracking during the process.

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT Consumer buying is increasingly being driven by promotional offers which the consumer takes up in a variety of ways using a growing range of channels. The challenge for retailers is simple but profound: how do you ensure that customers receive relevant offers and have a consistent brand experience across these channels? This module is a self-contained system that automates campaign planning, building and executing promotions in a managed process that allows you to engage effectively and uniformly with customers.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT is a “line-of-business” functional solution with a unique feature – it supports open interoperability through its service oriented design. Not only does it operate seamlessly with other modules in the collection, but the services it offers allows it to be ‘plugged into’ any environment that needs a point solution for inventory with full financial control and general ledger integration through any user’s interface and management control.

WORKFORCE ADMINISTRATION controls the addition, or removal, of system users together with the privileges they enjoyed whilst being a registered user, including the association of roles with individual users and the association of access privileges with roles. Workforce Administration connects to external systems for primary authentication using Microsoft Active Directory and equivalent open source standards.

ADMINISTRATION has been developed for start-up retailers or full systems replacement candidates. The system originates enterprise configuration data including company, branch, region, division, brand and other operational hierarchies. In a typical engagement this data would be obtained from integration into the ERP system or other sourced system for enterprise data.