Deployment of Point of Service enhances the customer in-store experience as well as being the base of achieving a full Omni-Channel offering
Provide your customer with a single point of anticipated engagement, irrespective of what their requirements or needs are.

POS traditionally means Point of Sale. Through time and innovation this evolved into Point of Service. Using our 25 years of experience and retail involvement Argility has developed the Point of Service collection to not only manage a customer driven space, but to anticipate and respond intuitively.

Point of Service ensures a multi-level continuity of connectivity that caters for all devices, fixed or mobile, in even the remotest stores. It is core to the Omni-Channel future of customer interaction in that it is customisable to an extreme extent, yet integrated everywhere – so no wastage of existing investments. It is highly automated, business process ready and most importantly, user friendly.

Point of Service has been developed to easily integrate to any solution or system that is already in place in the organisation, such as the existing POS, ERP or CRM investments, enabling full benefit from existing data and analytical intelligence.

An integrated shopping experience, from e-communication to incentivisation, realisation and finally administration. Point of Service enables a full suite experience that results in customer loyalty.

Benefits of Point of Service

  • ARTS Compliant
  • Integrates to legacy / existing systems
  • Customisable to all retail verticals
  • Enhanced customer experience management
  • Up-sell opportunities at Point of Sale
  • Developed for Mobile / Tablet use
  • Full management and reporting
  • Increase customer conversion rate
  • In-store enabler for Omni-Channel

What Goes On Behind a Single Point of Service?

Each channel is driving the technology and the process definition. Omni-Channel means integration of objectives, methods and platforms.

POS Diagram-01