Developed by Argility for the retail and commercial sectors, this collection consists of various solutions, from digital data management to the array of mobility driven processes required to be competitive in a customer driven space
Management of all your Digital Assets via the cloud or on-site
Acquire, engage and retain customers through innovative technology
Managed services for an increasingly complicated technology landscape
Mobility throughout

DAMSENSE is a complete Digital Asset Management system giving your organisation the ability to make sense of its images, videos, music, PDF’s and other documents, in one central and searchable repository. Tailored to your requirements – from large e-commerce enabled image websites to an internal corporate branding asset management system. A cost-effective and high-performing webserver application that is delivered as SaaS, giving you access to a leading-edge digital asset management system without the costs and worries of running a high-performing server infrastructure.

DIGITAL COMMERCE With the convergence of physical and digital worlds, the on-line, e-commerce, m-commerce and social commerce wave that is approaching, there is an increasing need to have the ability to transact anytime, anywhere. Digital Commerce is not just a virtual mall solution, it’s about creating reasons to persuade customers to come back into the physical store or mall and it is key to retailers capitalising on ‘on-demand’ retail, financial and lifestyle services.

Click & Collect creates a convenient alternative choice of shopping online and collecting at a preferred locale (store, mall, precinct, lifestyle center, residential complex, locker, etc.) Digital commerce can span from click and collect, click to pay, click to reserve and click to fulfill. It is a smart business transformation enabler providing convenience and a rich customer experience with proven ease of use and choice of channel.

Community Engagement – Attract, engage and acquire target communities (customer, catchment areas, visitors, tenants and staff) with features that include:

  • Bi-directional communication
  • Targeted content distribution
  • Conversational based engagement
  • Rich analytics capabilities
  • Shopping patterns including presence, demographics, etc. resulting in increased customer acquisition, targeting and retention.

Point of Service ensures a multi-level continuity of connectivity that caters for all devices, fixed or mobile, in even the remotest stores. It is core to the Omni-Channel future of customer interaction in that it is customisable to an extreme extent, yet integrated everywhere – so no wastage of existing investments. It is highly automated, business process ready and most importantly, user friendly.

Point of Service has been developed to easily integrate to any solution or system that is already in place in the organisation, such as the existing POS, ERP or CRM investments, enabling full benefit from existing data and analytical intelligence

Digital Marketing – Targeted marketing through understanding who your customer is, understanding their behaviour – browsing, visiting, buying, renewing, value added purchases – understanding what they are buying or doing and understanding how they engage with you on-line, in-store or through social media. You can then anticipate behaviour, drive behaviour and target customers through referrals, community engagement, campaigns and traditional marketing techniques.

Enhancing Point of Service – By knowing your consumer before they reach the Point of Sale in a shop it becomes possible to enhance the level of service. Greet them by name, with full knowledge of their previous engagement with you, whether physical or on-line. Personalise a full and rich engagement.

MANAGED SERVICES In a multi-vendor environment managing multi-vendor relationships and IT operational challenges is often both frustrating and time-consuming, depriving you of the time you need to focus on your important, strategic business issues. The complexity and high demands of IT systems and applications make it increasingly difficult to manage the IT processes and services in-house in an optimal way, making it difficult to realise ROI (Return On Investment). As a result, the growing trend is to outsource these processes to external service providers, enabling organisations to focus on their core business.

Each service agreement is unique in that it is designed to be a proactive and pre-emptive solution to a wide range of scenarios that evolve through growth and circumstance.

MOBILITY All solutions developed and supplied by Argility have been designed for mobility, either in-store or on the road. Mobile devices can be used for analytics, reporting or performing transactions with built-in user controls and data security.