A variety of 3rd party software to enhance your existing systems and offerings to market
Power of information
Reward loyalty & performance
Demand forecasting
Visibility & accountability
Referral based marketing

OPENTEXT PRODUCT SUITE unleashes the power of information, technologies and business solutions through Enterprise Information Management:

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – manage information throughout its lifecycle

Business Process Management (BPM) – empower employees, customers and partners

Customer Experience Management (CEM) – create exceptional customer and employee experiences

Information Exchange – facilitate efficient, secure and compliant exchange of information

Discovery – visualise all relevant enterprise information Core and Cloud – manage information in the cloud

ENCENTIVIZE is a dynamic, full featured rewards, recognition and loyalty program offering tools that will stimulate performance and engagement with your staff and customers. Using a defined activity and reward program, Encentivize encourages staff and customer engagement within your organisation. Behavioural dynamics, communications and a proven goal and reward cycle are the key elements that help create a deeper understanding of an employee’s or customer’s expectations, performance and goals.

By linking Encentivize to a customer’s loyalty program, rating staff and service at the POS or on a mobile device rewards both the customer and the employee.

By partnering with Encentivize as a redemption point, traffic into your outlet can be increased.

RELEX SOLUTIONS By providing a steady path to achieving an integrated and optimized supply chain with minimal risk, thanks to the SaaS business model, RELEX brings retailers a comprehensive range of easy-to-use supply chain planning solutions, designed to meet the unique, complex needs of every retail industry.  RELEX provides total supply chain efficiency, complementing the operative core of forecasting and replenishment, encompassing sourcing, marketing, logistics and assortment. The solution enables retailers to achieve a high level of replenishment automation while boosting sales, releasing capital and reducing spoilage and mastering your supply chain providing measurable results in months. The RELEX model combines technology, delivery and business model innovation through Relex Big Data Technology, Relex Agile Projects and the Relex Value Promise.

STOREFORCE A performance-based labour scheduling suite of tools designed exclusively for speciality retailers.  Offered as a Cloud-based solution, StoreForce combines visibility, accountability and execution into a single software toolset, accessible on all mobile platforms and major web browsers. Whether you are a CEO on the go, a Field Manager between stores, a Store Manager on the selling floor, or as a Director of HR at your desk, the solution has been designed for you, accessible at your fingertips. Easily and effectively manage Performance, Workforce and Tasking throughout all levels and departments within your organisation from wherever you are.

Our goal is to put a simple intuitive solution in your hands that will help you to test and learn from your strategies, reduce operating costs and increase your top-line by 5 – 15%. We are fostering a community of agile and adaptable retail organisation, ready for the rapidly changing retail landscape.  StoreForce can be deployed within just 7 weeks.

BUDDYBUY encourages your best customers to bring their friends to your deals. Tap into their close friendship groups on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Use the power of a friend recommendation to stand out from your competitors. Whether you want to run a quick deal campaign to increase footfall over the weekend, a month-long deal to spread the word about a new product or service, or an exclusive, limited number available deal, BuddyBuy gives you total control.

Argility’s premier / market leading 3rd party products and solutions keep you ahead of the Omni-Channel game, able to drive, measure and reward customer and staff behaviour, provide rich customer engagement and experience, and intelligently plan and automate inventory replenishment and workforce deployment across the entire commerce value chain.