Argility Digital Commerce


Deliver a full e-commerce experience to your customers.

Digital commerce has become the most important pillar in the e-commerce experience. It has opened up new transaction channels, which your business needs to cover.

Our Digital Commerce solutions give you this ability, as well as full control over all aspects of merchandising, inventory, warehousing and customer order management.

Like all Argility solutions, they allow you to focus on the entire customer experience, not just the transaction.

Argility Digital Commerce comprises:

This solution enhances the individual in-store experience of each customer. It enables an integrated shopping experience, from e-communication to incentivisation, realisation and finally administration.

A full-blown customer accounting solution, spanning customer identification and management, through to journals and account management, to profiling and purchasing.

Ensures delivery to in-store and digital channels in a managed and coordinated way, guaranteeing that your customers get a consistent experience of your product range during any engagement.

A complete solution to implement an all-round e-commerce strategy, including a strong digital commerce component, which is now the key element of e-commerce.

A streamlined and automated solution for scheduling, task management and performance management of your store staff. It is a central and automated platform to manage your biggest controllable expense and achieve operational excellence.

An end-to-end warehouse management, with highly detailed control. This sophisticated system gives you unprecedented operational efficiency.

This enables you to create custom-built frameworks to manage the entire omni-channel customer experience. You can deliver on-demand retail to your customers through many different processes across various channels.

Gives you full control of your inventory. It can be integrated into any environment that needs a point solution for inventory.

Combines technology, delivery and business model innovation to digitally transform your supply chain management processes and efficiency.


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