Point of Sale


More than a PoS system – an integrated customer shopping experience

Deploying Argility Point of Service not only enhances the individual in-store experience of each customer, it is also the bedrock of delivering a full omni-channel experience.

To parallel the way that different customer channels have merged into an omni-channel, Argility’s POS system has evolved from point of sale to point of service.

This covers the entire spectrum of customer transactions, from credit and cash purchases, to mobile payments and utility bills. It is able to handle all the different processes applicable to each of these transaction types.

As a result, Argility Point of Service enables an integrated shopping experience, from e-communication to incentivisation, realisation and finally administration.

It can be applied to any vertical, but is particularly suited to:

  • Fashion and apparel

  • Consumer electronics

  • Furniture

  • Fuel and forecourt retail

A single point of anticipated customer engagement

Argility Point of Service has been developed to not only manage a customer-driven space, but to anticipate and respond intuitively to each individual’s behaviour and needs.

It ensures multi-level, continuous connectivity that caters for all devices, fixed or mobile, in even the remotest stores. Full mobile and tablet functionality means that your key employees can manage the customer experience remotely and continually.

It is core to providing a personalised omni-channel customer experience, as it is customisable to an extreme extent. At the same time, it can be integrated everywhere, so you can continue to get value from your existing investments.

Argility Point of Service has been developed to easily integrate with any solution or system already in place in your company, such as your existing POS, ERP or CRM investments. You gain full benefit from existing data and analytical intelligence.

It can be delivered either as an on-premise or cloud-based solution.


Enhanced customer experience management

Your insight into your customers’ experience with your company, at every level of interaction, allows you to finely manage each aspect of it.

Increased up-sell opportunities

The rich knowledge of each customer at each point in the omni-channel experience opens up new ways of deepening customer value.

In-store omni-channel integration

By integrating the physical store customer experience with the objectives and methods of digital channels, it brings this into the omni-channel experience.


In addition to integrating with all legacy systems, Argility Point of Service is fully customisable.

Continued ROI

Argility Point of Service integrates with your legacy systems, so that you don’t waste any of your IT investment.

Predictive customer experience management

Argility Point of Service uses predictive analytics to help you anticipate customer needs and behaviours much more effectively.



Improved customer loyalty.

Higher value per customer.

Increased customer conversion rate.

Easier, more effective customer support.

Empowered customer service employees.

Smarter sales strategies.

Argility E-commerce is your key to delivering the on-demand retail experience your customers demand.


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