Business Intelligence


Advanced data analysis, from descriptive to prescriptive analytics and machine learning.

The Argility Business Intelligence solutions comprise several powerful software modules that can help your business with everything from structuring data and delivering it to your users, to mining Big Data using the most sophisticated, modern predictive analysis and machine learning technologies.

With us, you can gain unprecedented insight into your entire business and the behaviour of your customers.

It also contains forward-looking IoT capabilities, so that you can already begin to take advantage of emerging technologies and consumer trends.

Argility Business Intelligence offers a powerful suite of solutions:

Accepts unstructured business data, configures it to your unique requirements, coordinates it in a meaningful way and delivers it to your users via their mobile devices – anytime and anywhere.

A powerful cloud-based platform that allows consumers to receive opt-in, proximity-based communications on their mobile devices. It gets the right content to the right individual consumers at the right time in the right place.

A cost-effective, highly efficient way for your business to take advantage of the benefits of IoT. It allows you to create a seamlessly integrated ecosystem combining all your networks and devices, and all the data they both generate and use to communicate.

Uses the most advanced pre-emptive data analytics tools to grow your business by providing deep insight and seamless data integration.

This solution puts the most advanced data mining and interpretation techniques at your fingertips, with the ability to learn from actions, patterns and other analysis methods.


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