Omni Channel Customer Engagement


All the solutions you need to engage your customers wherever they are.

Once you have created a single view of each of your customers and can engage with them in the manner in which they prefer, you are ready to implement an omni-channel engagement strategy.

The Argility Omni-Channel Engagement suite has powerful, dedicated solutions to cover each aspect of your customer’s omni-channel journey, so that you deliver maximum customer-centricity. It allows you to focus on the entire experience, not just the transaction.

In return, you get better customer loyalty, higher value per customer and increased marketing ROI.

Argility Omni-Channel Engagement consists of several powerful solutions:

This solution uses the rich, clean, consolidated data supplied by Argility Single Customer View, and applies analytics and pattern matching rules. It allows your business to precisely match marketing strategies, tactics and activities to deeply analysed and understood data.

A powerful cloud-based platform that allows consumers to receive opt-in, proximity-based communications on their mobile devices. It gets the right content to the right individual consumers at the right time in the right place.

Our solutions enable targeted digital advertising through a complete understanding of who they are and all their online behaviour. They also allow you to finely tune your Adwords campaigns, with better data insights and more accurate, effective Adwords tactics.

We cover social media community management and social media advertising, concentrating on organic and paid channels to create brand relationships that result in improved loyalty, increased revenue and better ROI.

A complete document management solution that gives your organisation the ability to make sense of its images, videos, music, PDFs and other files, in one central and searchable repository.


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