Single Customer View


Focus on the experience, not the transaction.

A single customer view allows you to consolidate all the customer data you receive in real time from different systems to form a “Golden Record” of each customer. Your customers are now using multiple digital and real-world channels, interchangeably.

A single customer view is the only way to deliver the omni-channel experience they demand:


across all channels in every engagement with your company.


with your brand, your products and your services. this customer experience must now be the central focus of the purchasing process.


instant gratification in the ways they want, using the channels they want.

To deliver this seamless omni-channel experience, you need to have a unified, 360˚ view of each customer: their data, purchasing patterns, behaviours, preferences, and interests.

Argility Single Customer View is the solution.

It consists of three products:

Gathers customer and sales data from multiple channels, stores it in a central data warehouse, and supplies information to other systems and users on demand.

Analyses and cleans the stored data, merging and structuring it to provide a “Golden Record” of each customer.

A framework that integrates communication methods of various systems, enabling them to talk to each other fluidly and effectively.


Unprecedented customer-centricity

A single view of your customers allows you to focus every aspect of your business on the customer experience.

Cross-sell & up-sell

Understanding every aspect of your customers allows you to finely individualise your sales tactics.

Improved business agility

A single view of your customers allows you to optimise your business processes to respond far more rapidly to their demands.

Smarter sales & marketing strategies

The more data you have, the more complete a picture you can create of your customers, allowing you to craft more effective strategies.

Higher marketing ROI

It follows that if you’re being smarter with your sales tactics and strategies, you will derive more value from them.

More accurate customer service

It’s axiomatic that if you know your customers better, you will be able to provide more acutely personalised customer service.

Benefits to your business:

  • More new customers

  • Better customer retention

  • Increased repeat sales

  • Higher per-customer value

  • Higher profitability


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