Data Quality Management


Turn data from all channels into a Golden Record of your customer.

The Argility Data Quality Management solution analyses and cleans all the data you have gathered from all your business channels using the Argility Omni-channel Customer Management solution. It effectively structures and merges this data to provide a “Golden Record” of each customer.

It has been shown by NetProspex* that for every 1% of data quality improvement, marketing can generate 5-6% incremental revenue by:

  • Targeting customers with more relevant offers.

  • Knowing when and how they are most likely to respond positively.

  • Knowing what methods of response they use.

  • Removing data duplication.

  • Eliminating irrelevant marketing tactics and messages.

The Importance of Clean Marketing Data for Higher Conversion Rates

Argility Data Quality Management brings disparate and disorganised customer and product data into a logical and structured view across all channels of business (such as call centre, mobile, in-store, digital commerce and social media).

It combines these different data sets into a single view and makes the information available to all channels. This gives your business a comprehensive, consolidated and current understanding of your customer at all contact points, allowing you to use that information anywhere.

OpenText Process Suite provides the power

As part of the Argility Single Customer View solution, Argility Omni-channel Customer Management is built using the enterprise-scale OpenText Process Suite platform.

OpenText is the leader in Enterprise Information Management, and OpenText Process Suite is a powerful, unified platform delivering BPM and case management. It has the flexibility to automate and integrate processes across functions, systems, machines and clouds.

It enables organisations to rapidly build, deploy and adapt dynamic case management applications and streamline complex business processes from a single platform.


Intelligent algorithms

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms are built in, providing high-speed, accurate data analysis.

Accurate customer profiles

Gain deep insights into your customers, collated into a cohesive profile of each one individually.

More precise targeted marketing

With such a wealth of structured information about each customer, your targeted marketing becomes far more sophisticated.

Disparate data becomes structured

Data that you previously could not properly analyse is now structured in a way that can yield business intelligence.

More accurate messaging

Your messaging becomes more accurately aligned with the individual information you have about each customer.

Golden Record of customer

With cleansed data, consolidated from every channel, you will have the best single view of your customer possible.


Deliver improved service

Empowered staff

Increased brand loyalty

Grow sales

Better customer retention

Higher customer lifetime value

The final step in gaining a Single Customer View is to use Argility Commerce ESB to distribute your data.


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