Our ecosystem and products

Tailored retail management software and AI-powered analytics

We digitally transform retail operations using intelligent software, AI and the internet of things


AI-powered customer, inventory, and sales analytics

AI-powered sales and demand forecasting
An end-to-end retail management solution, inclusive of POS, back office and head office
Delivery management and scheduling application
Mobile marketing with proximity beacons and QR codes
Scalable digital asset management

Supply chain and warehouse management specialist

We optimise supply chains using advanced cloud software and decades of domain expertise


Advanced cloud warehouse management solution

Fleet management software specialist

We automate fleet and asset management utilising specialised software and deep domain knowledge


Vertically specialised fleet and asset management solution

IoT automation and remote asset management specialist

We monitor assets and automate business processes using IoT sensors and advanced cloud software


Device agnostic IoT management and analytics platform

AI and data science as-a-service specialist

We use AI and data science to empower companies in the digital era


Bespoke AI solutions, labour management and predictive maintenance

Retail automation and digitisation specialist

We eliminate shrinkage and increase sales of high-value, premium FMCG products


Real-time staff and in-store stock flow management application

Automated dispensing units to maximise income per square meter, minimise losses and maintain inventory control