Skydata IoT Platform


Your business moment monitor!

Argility’s Skydata IoT platform integrates physical or digital devices and sensors, enabling you to collect and consolidate data for reporting, dashboarding, alerting, predictive modeling and real-time decision making

Your business works better when everything is connected...

You need to have real-time visibility of your operations in your business to gain a deeper understanding of how everything works together. With IoT (Internet of Things), it is now possible. SkyData IoT enables you to manage and monitor your assets, optimise your return on assets, reduce wastage and improve operational efficiency. With the new sources of data produced, you will be able to make quick and informed decisions, implement dynamic strategies and gain real-time insights for true business agility

How it Works

How SkyData benefits your business

  • Manage all your IoT devices from a single platform
  • Receive alerts about exceptions and problems in real-time
  • Store, track and analyse historical data
  • Convert raw data into insight and business value
  • Make smarter business decisions using real-time data

Use Cases

Water, gas and electricity flow

Custom sensor event processing, visualisations and analytics

Cold storage and humidity monitoring

Asset tracking and reporting

Third party sensor and device management

SkyData Platform Capabilities

Device connectivity and management

Connect and manage IoT devices and sensors

Data analytics and reporting

Get useful, actionable data from all connected IoT devices, and your IoT ecosystem as a whole

A powerful cloud environment

Skydata IoT is a mature cloud platform


Secure your data using fine grained user role permissions management

Alerts and monitoring

Monitor key business moments and exceptions through automated alerts and push notifications

Cross-industry suitability

The agnostic nature of IoT techologies such as beacons and data sensors allows them to be applied to any industry

Data and process automation

Automate data collection and process execution


Enables businesses to connect and manage data and devices from across the globe in a secure and resilient environment

Data science and predictive modeling

Our data science team can apply predictive modeling and machine learning techniques to monetise your data and convert it into business value

Devices and Communications

Key Features

  • Multiple integration channels, REST API, MQTT, JMS, TCP socket etc
  • SigFox, LoRA, GSM and 3rd party devices supported
  • Web based administration & configuration dashboard
  • Multiple pre-integrated wireless and wired devices and sensors
  • Conditional notifications, triggers, alerts and reports
  • Mobile friendly data visualisation dashboard
  • Cross platform mobile application (Android and IoS)
  • Deep organisational and device hierarchy configuration
  • Secure user and role based authentication and notifications
  • Location tracking and ring fencing of assets
  • Scheduled and automated extracts and reports
  • Two-way sensor communication and command execution
  • Linux, Java, Postgres enterprise technology stack
  • REST API access via JSON or XML
  • Monitoring and SLA support

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