More than a POS system – an integrated Point of Service

We focus on the entire experience, not just the transaction

Our POS has evolved from a “Point of Sale” to a fully integrated retail management solution, which not only enhances the in-store experience for each customer, but also provides the basis for an omni-channel experience

Argility covers the entire retail spectrum of customer transactions, from credit and cash purchases, to loan and inventory management. Our Point of Service is able to handle all the different processes applicable to each of these functional domains. We reduce business disruption by tailoring the product to your business and not your business to a product

Service, That’s The Point

Ensure inventory visibility and availability across all channels
Consistent pricing, product information and promotions across all touch points
Guarantee quick and easy order fulfilment (from tracking and payment, through to delivery)
Provide returns, refunds, lay-bys, credit purchases and value-added services
Facilitate quick, easy and secure checkout
Distributed Customer Management


Let our experience and knowledge work for you!

With over 30 years of experience, the team at Argility can meet all of your ICT requirements with their extensive expertise and support teams

Integration & innovation made easy!

With a dedicated development team customizing your point-of-service software to align with business strategy and integrating with external packages seamless

Why pay more when you don’t need to?

The solution is licence-free and uses an open source operating system, database and development platform A business does not want to spend money on assets that constantly depreciate, which is why our software is designed to function on inexpensive hardware

The system is never offline!

Never again stop trading in your stores simply because your network has failed with our distributed software solution giving the offline resilience your business needs

Inventory maintenance and movement shouldn’t be hard

The merchandise management and ordering system together with stock movement management functions in the field make handling your inventory needs a breeze

Fine Tuning

Build your own product road-map with access to development teams and expertise for business driven feature development

Big or small, we can help

Whether your organization is small or large or growing larger, our software will scale to service your point-of service needs

Continued Return On Investment

Argility POS integrates with your legacy systems, so that you don’t waste any of your IT investment


  • Our software is developed in South Africa for South African businesses and will meet all of your NCA, CRB and CPA compliance needs, and is Africanised to facilitate trade across sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Order, fulfil, return anywhere
  • Offline trading
  • Flexible payment options
  • Credit granting & debtor management
  • Ability to integrate with creditors, warranties, Home Affairs, TV Licences, Pay Point and more

Add-on Modules

We offer a range of add-on modules to extend your POS Solution, enabling you to manage your business more
effectively and further enhance your customers’ experience

Retail Analytics

Data driven decision support for retailers

Proximity Marketing

Merging the physical with the digital world


Mobile business intelligence and data visualisation platform


Delivery Management Mobile App

Digital Asset Mangement

Complete, highly efficient control over all your digital assets


Let your customers transact anytime, anywhere, while focusing on their full experience