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ATG is now officially in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program!

Officially in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program!

By Marko Salic, CEO of Argility Technology Group

It is not without some excitement that I bring this news to you. Really it was a natural progression considering the majority of our SaaS or web-based software solutions are already deployed inside Google Cloud Platform, making them highly scalable and cost-effective. We aim to continue delivering innovative software solutions utilising modern technologies to solve modern business challenges.

Every business will need to become more digital to flourish; we all understand that notion; Covid only accelerates it. If you are thinking 3-5 years ahead, Cloud is the way to go. Argility Technology Group has been around for over three decades, focusing purely on technology, software, hosting etc. You could say we have the experience and expertise. Over the last three years, we closed all our data centres and moved most of our servers, hundreds of servers and applications, into the cloud. The benefits are significant and risks minimised. Many blog posts are listing the pros and cons in great detail. I urge you to google this topic or reach out to our experts if you want to know more. The three leading cloud platforms are Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. And they are all great platforms; you can’t go wrong with either.

Marko Salic CEO ATG

Marko Salic CEO ATG

We prefer open-source platforms and utilise Linux and Java predominantly; it enables us to keep our software mostly 3rd party dependency and licence free. We use the Kubernetes engine for microservices deployments, and we utilise AI and data analytics cloud tools in multiple applications. We felt that Google is the most active contributor and integrator of our Linux and Java-based technology stack, and the Kubernetes engine pioneers. Google Clouds data analytics tools are top-notch and built to integrate and work as a useful cluster of services, making our platforms highly flexible and robust. The local and international Google teams we worked with were friendly, easy to work with, eager to help and committed to creating a joint success. These were the defining factors in our selection of GCP as our Cloud Platform of the future, and we are excited to work with Google’s team and our customers to create new and exciting applications on top of GCP.

Our PredictIT (PredictCustomer, PredictInventory and PredictRetail) data analytics products are developed using best-of-breed data analytics and machine learning services from Google, including services and tools such as Cloud AI, BigQuery, Data Studio, Data Flow, TensorFlow etc. The PredictIT product suite will soon be available in the Google Cloud Marketplace for rapid deployment and prototyping of existing and new machine learning modules and visualisations.

Finally, working with Google gives us access to high-quality ready-built services that enable us to leverage that invaluable insight to pioneer solutions that future proof our clients’ businesses confidently and rapidly – and deploy them in the most cost-effective way.