Digital Fluency ATG

Google Workspace in ATG: An African Journey to Digital Fluency

Digital Fluency

By Tanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” this statement resonates across different facets of life and business alike. They often say that the white water of change is the only constant and the ability to adapt seamlessly is a testament to good leadership, regardless of industry or vocation.

With the world of work turned upside down, it has become even more critical for organisations to implement systems allowing collaboration with heightened security.  A few years ago, the Argility Technology Group (ATG) adopted Google Workspace (originally called G Suite) and the Google Cloud Platform. This decision was undertaken to ensure that ATG as a whole adopted digital technology in a progressive manner to achieve digital fluency over time.

What is Digital Fluency?

Digital Fluency is the ability to achieve certain outcomes, by leveraging the appropriate digital tools. The ability to nurture this is essential for any organisation looking to adopt agile internal operations.

With the Covid lockdown impact, the transition to working from anywhere for the ATG teams was seamless, and in hindsight moving to Google Workspace was one of the best operational decisions we made.

As we progressed with the implementation of Google Cloud, the benefits for our customers were a compelling reason for our development teams to embrace the Google tools available. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved Google Cloud Build Partner status. Argility is one of a handful of companies in South Africa to have been awarded this expert status.

Why ATG recommends using Google Cloud and Google Workspace within your business for managed services

Google Workspace was rated as the #1 most popular app among users on their Net Promoter Scores, outshining Microsoft Office 365.

Google Workspace transforms business because it is user friendly, easy to adapt to and simple to use. Real-time collaboration is powerful and effortless making the cloud benefits stand out and become a necessity.

The linked applications such as Gmail, doc(ument)s drive, calendar and other applications allows one to make work processes more cost-efficient and productive.
The use of Google Workspace is becoming increasingly popular. New companies are adopting Google Workspace at an overwhelming rate.

Team emails and accounts are managed by the organization allowing for greater control and when an employee leaves, removes the common pain point of uninterrupted access to information and emails.

Document Sharing

Online collaboration is key for businesses today and having a team drive is the way to go. Security access levels allows how files can be used, edited and viewed, ensuring that the right information is available to the right people at the right time, from anywhere.
Real-time editing and viewing of documents is an absolute pleasure for collaboration, plus the simple sharing function which gives complete control of whom can see and edit documents.

Increased file storage

Massive amounts of data can be stored in the google cloud drive allowing for full collaboration on all document types. Get up to 30GB cloud storage per user on the basic plan and tiered cloud storage on the business or enterprise licenses.

Multiple email alias’s and domains

All lead to the same email accounts

Single sign-on

Google Workspace allows for single sign-on for other cloud-based applications as well i.e. DocuSign

Seamless experience to all devices

All files are synchronized across all your devices (Microsoft, Mac or Android) – Desktop, table or mobile. Allowing for improved connectivity and responsiveness

Added security

With a 2-step verification process, user information is secured across devices and applications, securing data and information in the cloud. POPIA compliance is automatically catered for.

Have your own domain name

This is ideal for building your brand and identity. Previously always an additional investment which was required and sometimes out of pocket for smaller organisations.

Google meet and hangouts

Powerful tools for video conferencing and chats. A useful feature is having a VC diary dashboard, all meetings show on your screen without having to remember codes and search for diary entries.

Tools with Google Workspace

Automatically when using Google Workspace you have access to:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Docs (Word conversion)
  • Sheets (Excel conversion)
  • Slides (Powerpoint conversion)
  • Drive (for storage and collaboration)
  • Google Meet (for video conferencing)
  • Google Hangouts for chats (text and video)
  • Google Forms (a survey tool)

When using Google Workspace you can get rid of Dropbox / Office 365 / Onedrive / Evernote / Confluence to name a few….
A huge plus is real-time collaboration on the Docs/Sheets/Slides functions, with the added advantage of easy conversion to and from Microsoft formats if needed.

Migration across from existing mail, contacts and calendars is done easily allowing for a quick rollover time.

Are you looking for a way for your organisation to work and operate seamlessly? Then you should seriously consider contacting us to know more about Google Workspace and Google Cloud. Allow your business today to focus on what you do best, your business and let us handle the rest.

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Brief Bio: Tanya Long – Chief Operating Officer, Argility Technology Group

Tanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

Tanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

Tanya has 30 years of industry experience and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Argility Technology Group.

Tanya’s career in the IT sector started in 1988 in IT Support for Point of Sale solutions. She moved formally into software development with UCS/Argility in 1989 as a developer and progressed through to team leader; account management; project, and development management roles.

Tanya is an internationally Certified Consciousness Coach, Enneagram Practitioner, and leadership speaker and facilitator.  She is considered a specialist in the fields of culture and engagement and often presents at conferences on the topic of engagement, leadership and coaching.  Her strengths lie in her exceptional people management abilities and dedication to precision and execution.

In 2017, Tanya was appointed Human Capital Executive at Argility where she reunited her Retail, IT, Leadership, HR and coaching knowledge to drive her zeal for transformation.  In her capacity as COO, she heads up the Sales and Marketing and HR teams whilst driving performance and processes within the group.

Tanya’s vision is to ensure that the Argility Technology Group is filled with engaged, skilled and innovative individuals delivering outstanding customer-centric solutions.