MultiTrax retail driver delivery solution

MultiTrax – The retail driver delivery solution

By Tanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

Businesses needing to plan deliveries, schedule and track drivers now have the ability to do this within the South African created Argility MultiTrax delivery application. A simple and user friendly technology solution allowing for efficient route planning, proactive customer notification, enhanced proof of delivery processing and maximising of driver availability.

MultiTrax has been expanded with an additional module for order driver delivery scheduling – DDS. This additional module is not only valuable for warehouse deliveries, but also has the ability to schedule warehouse deliveries on behalf of stores, or can be used directly within a store for management of own deliveries.

Integration with current retail or warehouse management solutions available – removing the need to rip and replace current solutions in order to move one’s business forward. Ability to integrate Proof of Deliveries (POD) real-time, speeding up POD processing time, and removing the need for POD data capture confirmation.

The selection process for the MultiTrax DDS delivery scheduling is enabled through user friendly drag and drop functionality, providing planners with visual and easy to understand views.

MultiTrax DDS functions and features:

  • Upload outstanding delivery lists – per store or across multiple stores
  • Select the drivers available
  • Deliveries for selected drivers are added directly to the drivers’ calendars via drag and drop functionality
  • Drag and drop the drivers deliveries onto an area map, which automatically location tags the customers delivery address for planners easy route viewing
  • Automatic calculation of route times plus added functionality available to include unload and assembly time
  • Proactive calculations of actual expected delivery time to customers
  • Driver progress can be viewed by planners via an online map view
  • Additional functionality is available to include item assembly time requirements allowing maximisation of delivery routes and maintained customer satisfaction levels
  • Future releases of MultiTrax to include item dimensions for delivery vehicle space volumetrics planning.

By using the existing MultiTrax driver application features on their smart mobile devices, drivers have:

  • Clear route plans
  • Delivery timing targets
  • Ability to communicate directly via SMS with customers allowing for proactive customer notifications of delivery time or delays or requests for estate access codes – without intervention from a central planner
  • Contactless proof of delivery ability via the use of image uploads and customer own device SMS authentication


  • Decrease telephone costs from central planners
  • Enhance driver route planning and management
  • Maximise customer experience through enhanced customer notifications and direct driver contact – no more unnecessary customer waiting
  • Manage your own delivery fleet efficiently or drive down operating expenses related to salaries plus fleet cost by controlling and using owner-operated private transporters that are pre-vetted to represent your brand on deliveries.

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Brief Bio: Tanya Long – Chief Operating Officer, Argility Technology Group

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Tanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

Tanya has 30 years industry experience and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Argility Technology Group.

Tanya’s career in the IT sector started in 1988 in IT Support for Point of Sale solutions. She moved formally into software development with UCS/Argility in 1989 as a developer and progressed through to: team leader; account management; project, and development management roles

Tanya is an internationally Certified Consciousness Coach, Enneagram Practitioner, and leadership speaker and facilitator.  She is considered a specialist in the fields of culture and engagement and often presents at conferences on the topic of engagement, leadership and coaching.  Her strengths lie in her exceptional people management abilities and dedication to precision and execution.

In 2017, Tanya was appointed Human Capital Executive at Argility where she reunited her Retail, IT, Leadership, HR and coaching knowledge to drive her zeal for transformation.  In her capacity as COO, she heads up the Sales and Marketing and HR teams whilst driving performance and processes within the group.

Tanya’s vision is to ensure that the Argility Technology Group is filled with engaged, skilled and innovative individuals delivering outstanding customer-centric solutions.