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SenseView a Beacon for future growth by Sonja Leoncini

SenseView a Beacon for future growth

In an increasingly competitive market we all – regardless of the sector in which we are operating – want to capture every opportunity to engage with existing and potential customers. Products or services – it doesn’t matter what we are offering – the goal is customer engagements that result in sales.
Knowing where and how to target customers with relevant (to their interests) information, is the name of the game. For example, in a shopping mall there are a multitude of options.
How many times as a consumer yourself, have you been in a store intending to purchase but because the sales assistant could not provide information on a product – frustrated – you leave. The scenario is irrelevant but possibly familiar, it can happen in a car dealership or any retail outlet.
Therefore, as a business owner, you want your sales assistant to have the right product information and specifications available on the spot so that they retain the interest and follow through to closing the deal. You want/need to be able to distribute information on new: products; services and promotions to your customers – but the trick is getting the right information to the right customer.

If you are in the hospitality industry you want to inform guests of activities; restaurant menus and promotions. Imagine the beauty of being able to provide intelligence on artifacts via mobile phones in, for example, a museum.
Examples abound regarding the application and need to provide on the spot details such as: specifications; pricing or new services – the latter could be delivered to clients sitting waiting for an appointment in a bank.

John Sanei’s exploration of digital trends notes – the digital revolution is futile without a customer focus* and going forward, should be the changing “need states” of consumers. He details five defining need states as follows:

  1. Hyper-personalisation
  2. Hyper-convenience
  3. Hyper-trust
  4. Hyper-recognition
  5. Hyper-value.

He goes on to say that without taking these factors into account, digital cannot have its required impact on business. In essence, hyper-informed consumers are driving purchase decisions and patterns.

The technology exists and is available for you to drive information to a specific targeted customer category such as loyalty shoppers. Industry becomes more technology driven as each day passes and customers and clients are expecting the best service from you or they will go elsewhere. Many of the new technology opportunities to improve business often require large investments. This includes gearing up for a full omni-channel environment (bringing solutions together), moving to 4th Generation technology and of course, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT). The intention with all of these technologies is, of course, to bring business benefits to enable you to run efficient business operations and this they do. But sometimes at a cost.
With today’s economic climate your business wants to ensure that your spend on technology will bring a return on investment (ROI) without capital outlays and lengthy implementation roll out. Your goal is to see a fairly immediate bottom line improvement.

How do you achieve this?

Beacon technology is one technology solution that allows you to do all of the above. It is part of the IoT ecosystem. It brings real benefits that provides value add to you and your customers in a relatively short space of time, and without the need for costly investments. Beacon technology has the power to change the way consumers access information and personalises the relationships between organisations and their customers. Customers can tailor settings to receive notifications according to their individual preferences and behaviours.
Whether you are in retail, hospitality, banking and financial services, car dealerships or shopping malls both you and your customers will benefit.

Argility SenseView – Merging the Digital and the Physical World

Argility SenseView is a powerful cloud-based platform that allows consumers to receive opt-in, proximity based, communications via their mobile devices. Using state-of-the-art, easily deployed beacon technology, getting the right content at the right time is now a reality.
Argility’s latest innovation, SenseView, delivers content-rich messaging in real time through the Argility-built platform. Using low energy Bluetooth to connect smartphones to strategically placed beacons which trigger messages when someone approaches, enters or leaves a specified location.

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* Digital revolution is futile without a customer focus