Tanya Long, COO Argility -retail concepts and resources

The World of Retail – Concepts and Resources

The World of Retail – Concepts and Resources

Tanya Long, Human Capital Executive, Argility

Delve into the retail resources and concepts 

There is no doubt that the world of a retailer is a highly complex one. It doesn’t matter what vertical you are playing in, there are so many elements to get right that only the brave of heart and sharpest of minds take on the challenge.

With the advent of the digital age, customer expectations have evolved at an astounding pace. The early days of walking to the local farmer, bartering for products or paying with coins are memories retained only in fairy tales (remember Jack and the Beanstalk?).

Customers of today are spoiled for choice, highly informed and expect nothing less than exceptional pricing and speedy service. The result of which demands that any business owner or manager is at the top of their game, using the most appropriate resources and fitting the puzzle pieces together to create the success that is needed to sustain and grow their business.

Now the term ‘resources’ can be used to cover a wide spectrum of things. This can be anything from stock to cash, processes to systems to people, knowledge to the availability of information.

Over the next set of articles, we will delve into retail concepts and resources options with our Retail Coach to allow you to have the knowledge needed to excel and take you to the next level.

Whether you are just starting in your business or are an experienced retailer, the concept of always making time to work ‘on’ your business and not just focussing on working ‘in’ your business is one that should be made a priority. And a secret of working ‘on’ your business is to ensure that you partner with others whose own priority is to ensure your success. At Argility, our commitment to our customers is to utilise our wealth of experience, our varied and rich product suite and our drive for solutions/service to allow you to be at the top of your game. Whether you are an existing Argility customer or just wanting to know more about us, contact us today to meet with one of our experts.

For more information contact Sales on 011 712 1300, email info@argility.com or visit our website on https://www.argility.com/

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Tanya Long, Human Capital Executive, Argility

Tanya Long is a Qualified Performance and Business Coach, with over 25 years’ experience in Software Development for Retailers. The fusion of her retail, software and coaching knowledge is used by many to uplift businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals in achieving the results that they desire. She currently serves as Human Capital Executive for Argility and works with various organisations to design and implement their Culture Strategy aligned to enhancing their Employee Engagement to drive business results.