Solutions for comprehensive omni-channel customer account management.

Argility Customer Accounting Management is a full-blown customer accounting solution, spanning customer identification and management, through to journals and account management, to profiling and purchasing.

It allows you to gather consistent and up-to-date customer account information that enables the business to gain customer account insights from previous behaviour to current status as well as predictive analytics – from a single source.

As a result, it enables system user management across the ecosystem as part of the Argility Customer Order Management module.

Bespoke solutions to meet your specific business accounting needs

Argility Customer Accounting Management can be activated on top of the Argility Customer Order Management module to provide extended customer and accounting features. Functionality such as receipting, invoicing, journaling, account and debtor management, debit order management and more are enabled through this module.

We can also provide bespoke solutions user management and identification, as well as some interfacing to AD and LDAP company systems.

All can be delivered either as an on-premise or cloud-based solution. 


Streamlined, efficient accounting management

No matter how complex your customer accounting requirements, the solution provides highly effective omni-channel account management.

Granular financials accuracy

By pulling in customer account data from all facets of the omni-channel retail journey, the overall accuracy of your customer accounting improves.

Digital transformation of accounting

Every aspect of a business requires digital transformation to deliver a true omni-channel experience – this includes the accounting function.

A single view of each customer’s accounts

You gain a single source of authoritative information for each of your customer’s accounts, giving you more intimate knowledge of each customer’s overall profile.

More powerful accounting functions

The power lies not so much in an improved accounting system, but in the ability to extend the accounting system to embrace the full omni-channel customer experience.

Data whenever you need it

The central distribution of accounting data means that it can be made available to anyone who needs it, at precisely the right time.


Improved cash flow.

Consolidated views for easy account management

Enhanced business efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Swifter customer response times.

Deeper insights into customer purchasing behaviours

Improved accuracy when dealing with customers.

Workforce management is digitally transformed with Argility Workforce Management


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