Everything talking to everything and everyone.

It’s been spoken about with great anticipation since the early 1990s, in a real sense, rather than a science fiction one. Finally we have reached a point where we are actually implementing the so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT).

In its simplest form, IoT is about enabling machines, devices and objects to talk to each other, to a central platform and to us.

The examples are well-known (the self-ordering fridge), yet behind the actual devices sits a plethora of systems, signals and data. All informed by an overarching strategy, and delivered from a central management platform, with all machines connected to each other. 

On the surface this will allow us to change machine settings and accomplish tasks remotely (like switching our geysers on and off from work). Machines can send data to each other and adapt to it in real-time. Potentially any device can be enabled to communicate.The further implications are absolutely enormous.

What this means for your business

To borrow a phrase: it doesn’t matter if your business is not interested in IoT – IoT will be interested in your business.

  • You need to start planning an IoT strategy early, rather than simply adopting the various technologies as they emerge. Cohesion and

    integration are critical elements of IoT. Definitely look before you leap

  • You need imaginative business planning, to unlock the potential of IoT for your specific business.


IoT future value

Business Insider predicts 24 billion connected IoT devices by 2020, with $6-trillion spent on IoT in the next 5 years.

AI and machine learning

As more “things” become connected, they will become more intelligent, heralding the rise of ubiquitous AI, surrounding us and enabling all aspects of our lives.


Artificial general intelligence takes AI a step further by creating machines that can handle multiple tasks across multiple categories, rather than purpose-built ones.

Civil services

Governments will become huge IoT adopters, using it to deliver a wide range of services to communities.

Predictive analytics

IoT will increase the speed at which life is lived, with a parallel increase in business speed. To stay relevant and effective, businesses will need use predictive analytics across the board.

Smart everything

With IoT and AI come smart machines and smart systems, capable of running complex environments without human intervention, removing human error.


Argility understands the coming world of IoT – and its implications. Let us guide you through your first steps into this powerful new business arena. Within IoT we specifically focus on how these technologies enable the omni-channel customer experience. We consult, strategise and help you to implement the right types of IoT functionality at the right points in this customer journey. Learn more about our IoT Solutions

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