Work will go to people, not the other way round

No one needs to explain the increasing impact of mobility on the business world. Doubtless your organisation is already experiencing it. The momentum is set to continue, as we enter an era of hyperconnectivity, surrounded by a matrix of free, always-on connection points. This will support a completely mobile work.
In the near-future world of work, “always-on” technology and the ubiquity of very high-speed connectivity will allow people to work from anywhere they are at any given time, in a real sense. Virtual offices will allow people to take their entire office environments with them regardless of their physical locations.This is a big jump from the current situation where people work remotely, but still orbit around a single physical site.

Your customers are also mobile

Similarly, consumers expect the convenience of mobility in what we call the customer experience journey. They want to be able to interact 24/7, shop from anywhere, take delivery anywhere, manage their accounts from anywhere and connect with your company using whatever device and method of communication is most convenient at the time.

What this means for your business

Create a fully-mobile, connected work environment that extends beyond your physical premises. Your “office”, its applications and systems must now be anywhere and everywhere at the same time.

Offer every mobile convenience to your customers, at every stage of the customer experience journey.

Thoroughly understand the difference in mindset required in a fully mobile economy.


The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend will become entrenched, placing MDM at the forefront of company security.

Even while mobile becomes a dominant form of interaction, it will also function as a supplement to richer functionality that is delivered through other elements of the omni-channel.

Function-specific apps will proliferate, replacing the “one-app-does-everything” approach. Apps will increasingly integrate with other physical devices, through the beacon technology and IoT.
Instead of mobile apps being tied to specific platforms, they will be able to interact with any platform. Companies will no longer have to run employee systems on single platforms.
“Amateur” app developers will play an increasingly important role, coding specific app functions that companies integrate into their broader app frameworks.

Mobile apps will become the primary methods of remotely controlling physical devices like geysers, fridges and security systems.


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