A far more cost-effective and optimised way of consuming enterprise software.

The “as-a-service” model has rocketed to the forefront of business resource consumption, thanks to the widespread adoption of cloud computing. It has completely transformed the way we use and pay for business resources.

Consequently, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become a central business imperative in the new connected world.

The benefits of SaaS

Because SaaS works on a consumption, rather than a purchase, model, businesses can much more tightly align their software requirements with their software spend. In the traditional IT model, companies purchase powerful software systems and typically didn’t use all of the capabilities, which translated into wasteful IT spend. Moreover, they were always paying for it, even via amortisation of the debt.

SaaS allows companies to decide exactly what software functions they need to use within an enterprise software suite, and only pay for those functions as and when they use them.

Thus there is no longer a need to purchase expensive software suites, along with licences, and employ additional resources to maintain them.

In the SaaS model, a central service provider purchases the enterprise software and makes it available on either a time- or consumption-based, quasi-rental model. In short, you only pay for the software resources you actually use. There is no wastage and you’re also not caught short.

This improves resource cost projections and reduces actual expenses, as well as introducing a new level of business agility.

What this means for your business

  • Your business procurement procedures need to change to a consumption-based view of all IT resources, even architecture.

  • You need to understand what is required for this transition and possibly seek guidance on how best to achieve this.

  • You need to constantly harness all the new data available to optimise resource usage.

Argility offers SaaS directly to organisations, or coupled with in-depth business consulting to optimise and streamline your software resource spend.


Private clouds

Every company will have its own private cloud, which it uses to deliver all the benefits of cloud functionality internally, using the SaaS model.

Unbounded workspaces

The idea of a physical office will disappear, with SaaS and Infrastructure-as-a-Service recreating office environments anywhere, on demand.

Centralised data

SaaS infrastructure makes it possible to seamlessly harness the flow of real-time data, and distribute it as required, from a central source.


On-premise cloud implementations will include broader IT functions, like operational intelligence, failover, network event management, analysis and self-recovery.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) as the chosen system

Because of its abilities to pre-integrate advanced computational functions, HCI will be preferred over hardware and on-premise platforms.

Collaborative platforms

Different SaaS platforms will integrate, creating a rich ecosystem of agnostic software services, accessible to anyone on any device, on demand.


Argility has the capability to both deliver SaaS solutions to your company, and enable your business as a SaaS provider.

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