Scalable digital asset management

Give your business complete and highly efficient control over your digital assets. DAMSense is a tailored, secure and search enhanced Digital Asset Management solution.

Store, Retrieve And Compare Digital Assets With Ease

store, retrieve and compare digital assets with ease

Make life easier for your team and get the most out of your digital assets by quick, simple and secure access to images, videos, music, PDFs and other documents. Enhanced AI-powered metadata tagging helps you find what you need quickly and maximises asset reuse.

Secure And Simple Administration Control

Ensure POPIA and digital asset access compliance through role-based security and version control. Prevent intellectual property being leaked or stolen.

Secure And Simple Control And Administration

tailored to your business

Whether you are looking for a large eCommerce enabled image website, internal corporate branding or implementing document storage systems, DAMSense will meet your business and brand needs.

pay for what you use

Choose from hosted or on-premise subscriptions where your monthly cost is based on the size of your digital assets. No more upfront capital investment required for hardware infrastructure & DAM software licensing. No per-user cost.

Pay For What You Use

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Benefits and features

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use cases
  • Control & protect brand usage across distributed departments
  • Secure sensitive digital material such as contracts, employee data, etc
  • Locate images & product info with ease for use in marketing and e-commerce websites
  • Control & protect brand usage, press releases & collaboration with business partners
  • Share up-to-date images with business partners
  • Easily & quickly locate images for use in marketing & on websites
  • Create libraries of news & research material
  • Categorise & archive digital material for prosperity
  • Create large scale, centralised national archives
  • Secure sensitive digital material in law enforcement, medical & legal arenas
  • Create & share libraries of learning material for lectures & seminars 
  • Exchange information with staff & students
Frequently Asked Questions ​

With the rise in e-commerce, social media activity and increased digital touchpoints, brand and product identity is more important than ever. Enhanced searchability across your digital assets ensures that you can always find what you need plus easily store and securely manage access.

Help your business fulfil your POPIA compliance needs by securely storing sensitive customer and contract information and giving access to authorised individuals only.

You can store and search

  • Document – ‘pdf’ ‘txt’ ‘doc’ ‘xls’ ‘ppt’
  • Image – ‘jpg’ ‘jpeg’ ‘bmp’ ‘png’ ‘gif’ ‘psd’ ‘tiff’ ‘tif’ ‘cdr’ ‘indd’ ‘ai’ ‘eps’
  • Video – ‘mov’ ‘mp4’ ‘avi’ ‘mpeg’ ‘mpg’ ‘asf’ ‘wmv’ ‘flv’
  • Audio – ‘mp3’ ‘wma’ ‘wav’ ‘ogg’

Creation or purchasing of images can be expensive. Don’t be at the mercy of current limited image tags for your searches. Using AI to detect further image details, you can enrich your image metadata allowing you greater ROI from the images you have.

DAMSense’s pricing is calculated on the data volume stored in the system which removes the costly traditional user licence approach of other DAM systems. Pricing is tranched to reduce as your digital asset base grows.

You are able to create multiple tenants with specific access rights to content within DAMSense. This is ideal for cross country users and multi-branded environments with no complications and cost around user based licencing.

There are two separate modules: one for the management of the environment and another for users.

  • The Management module allows administration of users, access rights, the setup and maintenance of asset tree structures and reporting on per user activity.
  • The User module allows authorised users ease of access to the content that relates to their role and seniority defined in the Management module.

Create, Manage, Distribute, Retrieve, Archive. What is particularly useful is the increased control of distribution due to permissions and content licenses.

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