An Integrated Retail Information System

Argility iRIS Point Of Sale is a complete integrated Retail Management solution that goes beyond just processing sales. It is a Point of Service that scales to support your business as it grows, driving productivity and enhance the in-store experience.

iRIS POS boasts of several features designed to enable retailers with a fully configurable and customisable solution. To make sure you continue to get value from your existing investments, iRIS POS can easily be integrated with your current systems.









What makes iRIS POS unique

  • Flexible architecture and deployment options – Allows you to reutilise existing hardware and infrastructure.
  • Warehouse location management system – Gives you the ability to map the physical warehouse setup of locations, as well as storage of capacity and dimensions of different locations, keeping track of stock within the location.
  • Tile & Flooring management system – Allows you to structure and manage all flooring requirements in one solution.
  • Automated, integrated service desk – Whilst we offer p2p service desk functionality, our system automatically raises ‘calls’ or ‘logs’ when an error is encountered.
  • Automated cash deposit upload – The cash takings for the day is automatically uploaded to the Bank, giving you the benefit of earning immediate interest.

The solution’s reliability and scalability has been tested in highly complex, medium-to-large scale deployments as well as retail operations with small physical footprints.

Benefits to your business

  • Innovation, IP and domain expertise
  • Fast and effective set up and support of your business 
  • Cost effective to own, maintain and operate
  • Central insurance agreements
  • In-house scanning of documents
  • Digital signatures
  • Biometric capabilities
  • Mobile device support to engage with customers anywhere in or near your store
  • Mobile authorisation code
  • Quick-click mobile credit scoring
Our in-house retail experts are proficient across multiple technology platforms and empower Argility to provide highly efficient solutions. These solutions not only address most retailing requirements, but they do so without being forced to utilise any specific technology.

An Africanised Point of Service

Our software is developed in South Africa for South African businesses and will meet all of your NCA, CRB, CPA and SACRRA compliance needs, and is Africanised to facilitate trade across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our software is installed in thousands of stores across diverse geographical locations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and so far with an impeccable track record.

Our market





Speciality Stores



We offer a range of add-on modules to extend your POS Solution, enabling you to manage your business more effectively and further enhance your customers’ experience.

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Mobile marketing platform for businesses to enrich your customers’ experience

Retail Analytics

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