Digital menu | Connect, view and order

Safe and easy access to your favourite menus, from the comfort of your own personal device.

Proximity-based mobile marketing platform for the restaurant industry. Enrich and create a unique customer experience by Merging the Physical with the Digital.

Why Menus4U

Transform the dining experience by using digital & beacon technology to attract more customers

Provide a healthy personal/public hygienic environment to your customers at their favourite restaurant

A low-cost cloud-based solution that allows customers to receive opt-in, proximity-based communication via their mobile devices

How does it work

Low-energy Bluetooth connects smart devices to notification beacons strategically placed in and around your restaurant, changing the way your customers access information.
Place smart beacon in designated area
Rich content is delivered to smart device when in beacon range

Digital menu & content displays on the Menus4U mobile app
Consumer interacts with the information

Content types

Welcome messages & notifications

Images, videos & files

Contextual information

Multiple touchpoints

Benefits of Menus4U

  • Provide a unique dining experience with contactless menus & rich information
  • Explore restaurant menus from the comfort of your own personal device
  • Maximise your ability to provide in-place information, even without a waiting staff or restaurateur
  • Improve efficiency with the remote updating capability through controlling all information from a central point
  • Minimise contact with restaurant essentials, keeping your staff & customers safe
  • Use customer engagement data to direct promotions
  • Scan QR codes to discover additional information

Key Features

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