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Argility Omni-channel Marketing
Furnmart set for enhanced profits with Argility Solution

Jun 20, 2018

Argility’s 15-year partnership with Furnmart continues with a full implementation of a new Java-based retail management and merchandising system. The new system provides enhanced functionality to enable the group to continue competing successfully into the future. In 2003, Argility entered into one of its longest running client relationships when it...

New acquisition for Argility

Feb 16, 2018

Leading innovator of enterprise software solutions – Argility – has announced its latest acquisition following on the heels of its formation of the Argility Technology Group late last year. The acquisition of Indaba Mobile from Capital Eye Investments, concluded at the end of January 2018, brings the number of companies...

Argility SkyData IOT platform to fast-track SA business IOT optimisation

Oct 06, 2017

South African businesses can now integrate the broad spectrum of their IOT devices into a single management platform to support advanced workflow, compliance, analytics and reporting. South African technology innovator, Argility, has officially launched its comprehensive IOT framework, SkyData, to enable local enterprises to integrate, manage and optimise their growing...

Argility announces new technology group, company acquisitions

Oct 06, 2017

Enterprise retail software solutions company, Argility, has formed the Argility Technology Group and announced the acquisition Cquential Solutions and Fleet Domain, from Capital Eye Investments. According to Argility CEO, Marko Salic, reveals the acquisitions form part of the execution of a broader strategy aimed at building an innovative technology group...

Why SCV is important to the success of digital transformation in the insurance sector

Aug 07, 2017

Swapnil Yemde, New Business Development Manager, Argility Single customer view (SCV) is a ‘holistic’ representation of an organisation’s key assets. These assets can be customer, product, account, policy, supplier, inventory, equipment etc. For B2C industries such as insurance, retail and banking, SCV is crucial to understanding their market. For B2B...