Argility releases PropView4U

Argility releases PropView4U

Connect, click and engage. Proximity-based mobile property marketing platform

The Argility Technology Group (ATG) has released its latest innovation – PropView4U. This is a mobile marketing platform for the real estate industry that aims to create a unique and enriched customer experience by merging the physical with the digital through the application of beacon technology.

The low-cost cloud-based solution facilitates buyers, renters, sellers and agents to receive opt-in communications via their mobile devices. Bluetooth connects users’ smart devices to notification beacons that are placed at nominated properties.

ATG’s CTO, Eamon McCann, says beacon technology enables immediate delivery of relevant content to interested parties. “PropView4U transforms the sales process by using digital technology to increase sales and provide an information service to sellers, buyers and agents. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, physical access to properties has become more challenging. This solution has the power to change the way agents, buyers and renters access information and personalises the relationships between realtors and their clients.”

PropView4U enables:

  • The positioning of smart beacons at designated property sites;
  • Rich content delivery to smart devices when in beacon range;
  • Digital media and content display on the PropView4U mobile app;
  • Consumer interaction with the information; and
  • Real estate agent’s acquisition of data analytics based on buyer interaction.

“Content is varied and contains welcome messages plus notifications, videos, images and voice clips. Basically, contextual information with multiple touch-points,” says McCann.

Key features include user registration, property specifications, property viewing, booking schedules and bookmarking for offline viewing. “Findings can be shared. Moreover, there is a mortgage/bond calculator and prospective buyers can also make direct contact with agents,” he adds.

The product can be white labelled for maximum brand impact. Once downloaded, prospects will have immediate access to any branded content when in range of the PropView4U beacon zones. McCann highlights PropView4U’s exciting business benefits for the real estate sector as it facilitates a unique consumer experience using rich content and property information.

“Convenient and easy access to information for buyers and sellers is immediately available. Realtors can provide information even without an agent being present. Efficiency is improved with remote updating capacity through controlling all information from a central point. The property searcher’s sales journey can be easily tracked. PropView4U forms a significant support for sales agents through responses to enquiries and decreasing lead times – to emphasise just some of the benefits of this exceptional technology,” he concludes.

Source: IT Web

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