The omni-channel experience relies on integration

In the same way that the customer experience has now become an omni-channel one, providing this experience requires convergence at all levels of business, from strategy to customer service provision.
It is now imperative that your disparate business systems can talk, not only to each other, but to new systems that are crucial to the required digital transformation to make the omni-channel experience a reality for your customers.
This means that they need a common way of communicating: of sending and receiving data to and from each other. The most effective, up-to-date way of doing this is through the use of an enterprise service bus (ESB).
Argility Commerce ESB is purpose-designed, using OpenText Process Suite, to facilitate seamless interoperability across organisations.

The middleware at the heart of the Argility ecosystem.

Argility Commerce ESB enables quick and easy, real-time information sharing across systems, applications and services. It also makes data management simple, allowing it to be maintained through a unified interface, optimised for user-friendliness.
Organisations can deploy Commerce ESB to create connectivity to popular applications and services, thereby facilitating seamless interoperability throughout the enterprise.
Argility Commerce ESB is the data transmission backbone of the entire Argility ecosystem of solutions. It is the underlying enabler of the integration required to provide a true omni-channel customer experience.


The ability to provide a true omni-channel customer experience

The only way to deal with a converged customer journey is by integrating your own silos.

Digital transformation

Once all your systems to communicate with each, your company can take full advantage of digital technology.

The taming of Big Data

Argility Integration Services will help you to tackle the challenge of Big Data, to make sense of it and apply it effectively.

Enhanced legacy systems

Argility Integration Services enhance and prolongs the value of legacy systems by bringing them fully into play and making them capable of providing important data.

Improved data availability

All data now becomes available for all your systems to use, regardless of their source.

Unified company operations

Once your systems are integrated, your company is able to act in a far more unified manner.


More effective information distribution

Better tactical and strategic use of data

A more responsive, customer-centric organisation

More intelligent business operations

Puts big data at your disposal

Makes data available when and where it is needed


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