Digital property viewing – Connect, click and view

Proximity-based mobile marketing platform for the real estate industry.
Enrich and create a unique customer experience by Merging the Physical with the Digital.


A low-cost cloud-based solution that allows buyers, renters, sellers and agents to receive opt-in, proximity-based communication via their mobile devices.

Low-energy Bluetooth connects smart devices to notification beacons placed at properties.
Beacon technology enables immediate delivery of relevant content to prospective buyers and renters.

Transform the sales process by using digital technology to increase sales and providing a service to both sellers, buyers and agents.

How does it work

Beacon technology has the power to change the way buyers and renters access information, and will further personalise the relationships between your business and your client.
Place smart beacon at designated property

Rich content is delivered to smart device when in beacon range

Digital media & content displays on the PropView4U mobile app
Consumer interacts with the information

Real estate agents get data analytics based on buyer interaction

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Content types

Welcome messages
& notifications
Videos, images
& voice clips

Benefits of PropView4U

  • Provide a unique customer experience, using rich content and property information
  • Maximise your ability to provide inplace information, even without an agent present
  • Convenient and easy access to information for buyers/sellers
  • Improve efficiency with the remote updating capability through controlling all information from a central point
  • Track property searcher’s sales journey
  • Support sales agents in responding to enquiries and decreasing sales lead times.

Key Features

  • Customer registration
  • Property specifications
  • Book a property viewing
  • Bookmark for offline viewing
  • Contact the agents
  • Share your findings
  • Mortgage bond calculator
  • White labelling for maximum brand impact

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