Securely, easily capture customer information

UCapture makes customer onboarding, market surveys and other data capturing simple. Put the power into your customers’ hands to streamline customer information capture processes and increase data accuracy in your systems and analytics.

With UCapture, customers have the ability to confirm their personal information, pin their home location on a Google map and ensure validated entry of their identity numbers, all on their own devices


Dynamic Information Forms

Quickly and easily create and amend data information templates, like customer information, delivery address information, customer satisfaction surveys, and many more.
Choose from an extensive list of predefined fields of commonly used formats with automatic built-in data validation, such as address validation against Google maps, ID format requirements,
radio buttons for use in customer satisfaction/measurement criteria, etc.

COVID Safe Information Capture

Easily keep to social distancing regulations. Remove challenges on understanding, impacted by wearing masks. Limit the unnecessary touching and sharing of writing instruments such as pens and pencils.
Customers can now capture the required information on their own devices, correctly in a touchless and COVID-19 safe way.

10x Your Customer Service

Build greater efficiency and improve service delivery to customers by reducing the time spent collecting required information in stores, and ensuring that their data is clean and accurate.

Real-Time Information Transfer

Immediate transfer of information to the customer and back. A link is sent via SMS or email to the customer at the point of request.
Once information is captured by the customer, automatic updates back into UCapture, simplifies integration into your chosen software solution.

Integrated Dashboards

UCapture allows administrators to monitor and manage adoption. Integrated centralised dashboards show the number of requests sent, how many are active and how many reverted per information template.

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Securely, easily capture customer information

Put the power into your customers’ hands.

Let’s show you how

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How does UCapture work



Set up the required information template/s.



Embed your UCapture form as a process into your current software solution.



Release the information request (link) to your customer, via SMS or email.



Customer captures their information on their mobile device/computer.



Information is securely integrated &
controlled back into your software

Benefits For Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions

No – your customers will receive an SMS or an email with a link. They simply click on the link to view the dynamic form with the requested information.
Yes, the information captured is fully encrypted, ensuring the security of data. We do have processes in place to request data deletion to satisfy the POPIA requirements.
Yes, white labelling on your dynamic forms and email notifications are possible. You can add custom messages and your company logo/brand.
No, we will securely host the UCapture solution for you. There’s no need for you to buy hardware or worry about a huge upfront investment.

Pay-per-Click: When your application reaches volume scale, you’ll automatically get volume pricing at a very affordable price, between R1 – R2 per customer touchpoint.

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This form collects your name and email address so that our savvy business consultants can connect and explore your needs. Check out our Privacy Policy for the full story on how we protect and manage your submitted data!
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