Complete, highly efficient control over all your digital assets

Rich media content lies at the heart of the modern omni-channel customer experience. Digital Asset Management is the crucial method of managing this interactive content.
DAMSense is a complete Digital Asset Management solution that gives your organisation the ability to make sense of its digital media files, such as images, videos, music, PDFs and other documents in one central and searchable repository. The solution is completely tailored to your requirements, from large eCommerce enabled image websites to internal corporate branding asset management systems.

DAMSense manages & stores any file



Create libraries of news & research material. Categorise & archive digital material for prosperity


Control & protect brand usage across distributed departments. Secure sensitive digital material such as contracts, employee data, etc

Travel & Tourism

Share up-to-date images with business partners. Easily & quickly locate images for use in brochures & on websites


Locate images with ease for use in campaigns. Control & protect brand usage, press releases & collaboration with business partners

Public Sector

Create large scale, centralised national archives, whilst securing sensitive digital material in law enforcements, medical & legal arenas


Create & share libraries of learning material for lectures & seminars. Exchange information with staff & students

One Solution for all

  • On-Premise
  • Cloud-Based
  • Gives you flexible user control access
  • Accelerate delivery time for marketing campaigns
  • Launch new products faster
  • Increase the reuse of digital assets
  • Reduce number of assets created & not used
  • Access to the latest version, with secure permission & use of licensed content
  • Prevent intellectual property being leaked or stolen
  • Built-in search functionality that is fast, simple & accurate
  • Compare digital assets with ease
  • Metadata tagging, powered by AI to ensure your images are labeled & tagged with enhanced information
  • Successful & proven implementation record at a wide range of South African companies
  • Solution is tailored to your organisations brand & identity
  • Fully hosted solution on subscription basis
  • No upfront capital investment in hardware infrastructure & software licensing
  • Monthly cost based on size of digital assets.

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