Making Sense Of your Digital Assets

Complete, highly efficient control over all your digital assets.

Rich media content lies at the heart of the modern omni-channel customer experience. Digital asset management is the crucial method of managing this interactive content.
DAMsense is a complete Digital Asset Management system, delivering the ability for your organization to make sense of its digital media files such as images, videos, music, PDFs and other documents in one central & searchable repository. The solution provided is completely tailored to your requirements, from large eCommerce enabled image websites to internal corporate branding asset management systems


Manage & Store any file

Upload, manages, store and share any file format you wish to. DAMsense is a one-stop solution that brings order to your digital assets.


Access any file - videos, images, slideshows, documents, etc - anywhere, anytime, via DAMsense's cloud server.


DAMsense is secure and gives you flexible user access and control across a wide range of parameters.

Super Fast Search

Find what you are looking for in seconds. DAMsense's built-in search functionality is fast and accurate.


DAMsense includes a purpose-built eCommerce module that turns your digital assets into income generators.


The DAMsense user portal is styled to your organisation’s brand and identity, thus further enhancing your brand.


Manage digital images and deliver them to customers online
Sell images and other content online through eCommerce
Create a brand image and assets library to ensure brand compliance
Provide a managed archive of images for access by PR and media partners


Advertising, PR and Media Agencies

Image Banks


Municipalities and Government Departments

Schools and Universities

Travel and Tourism Companies



Create libraries of news and research material in any file format. Categorise and archive digital material for prosperity. Manage royalties on digital material. Generate revenue from your digital material.


Easily and quickly locate images for use in campaigns. Control and protect brand usage across distributed outlets and departments. Collaborate with business partners. Facilitate communication with the press.


Control and protect brand usage across distributed departments. Easily and quickly locate digital files for multiple purposes. Secure sensitive digital material such as contracts, employee data etc. Collaborate with business partners. Facilitate communication with the press.

Public Sector

Create large scale, centralised national archives for distributed departments. Secure sensitive digital material in law enforcement, medical and legal arenas. Categorise and archive documents of public interest digitally for prosperity.

Travel & Tourism

Share up-to-date images with business partners. Easily and quickly locate images for use in brochures and on websites.


Store slideshows for lectures and seminars and make them available to selected groups. Create libraries of learning material in any file format for use by staff and students. Categorise and archive research material digitally for prosperity. Exchange information with other institutions and the public.