Merging the digital with the physical

Enriching customer experiences using proximity-based mobile marketing

SenseView enriches customer experiences by linking digital media and information to physical locations and objects using Bluetooth beacons and QR codes.

Merge the physical with the digital world

Enrich customer experiences in the physical world with digital media and information. Mark important object and places with bluetooth beacons or QR codes to serve digital content to your customers.


Merge The Physical With The Digital World
Covid Safe Information Sharing

COVID safe information sharing

Provide real-time information to your customers and employees, on their own devices, in a touchless and COVID-19 safe way.

get to know your customers

Gather and understand data on physical location visits and content interactions to optimise marketing spend and make informed decisions.


Get To Know Your Customers
Update Content In Real-Time

update content in real-time

Update content and information in real-time using the SenseView cloud web application.


Industry-focused mobile apps

Are you ready to digitise your customer engagement?

How does it work?


Mark physical points of interest such as locations and objects with Bluetooth beacons or QR codes​


Attach digital content such as text, images, webpages and videos to points of interest using our web application​


The customer receives and interacts with the content on their Bluetooth enabled mobile device, when in proximity to the point of interest​


Access our web application to update content in real-time or track interactions using dashboards and analytics






Real Estate



No developer skills are required. You will get access to your Senseview platform within 10 working days of Argility completing the initial Senseview and beacon setups. Then it’s over to you, content loading is easy.

Yes, SenseView is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones.

Any Bluetooth enabled smartphone with the SenseView mobile app installed will receive SenseView notifications.

The typical range of our beacon devices is up to 80m. Location placing is important because radio signals can be absorbed or diffracted.

SenseView makes use of an external service provider to push out bulk text messages and notifications.

The SenseView QR code scanner can only scan QR codes generated specifically for SenseView.

Yes, you will still be able to use SenseView without utilising beacons. Your customers can scan for information by using the SenseView QR code scanner and pre-generated QR codes.

Beacons are battery-powered devices and with low energy consumption, battery life can last up to 2+ years.

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