Big Data Analytics & Internet of Things

At the core of the 4th industrial revolution is the emergence of cyber-physical “smart” systems, made possible by the convergence of Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). We offer a range of software solutions focused on these themes.



Pricing, inventory, customer and sales analytics

Skydata IoT

Device agnostic IoT management and analytics platform

Ashanti AI

Bespoke AI and analytics solutions


Customer analytics to improve customer retention and ROI on marketing spend


Pricing analytics for product, categories, brands and stores


Inventory analytics for products, pricing, promotions, suppliers and sales

What is AI and IoT?

In the past, only your computer was connected to the internet, and over time more things were connected, including smartphones, tablets, watches, fridges, doors, sensors, software services, etc. Every day more smart devices and sensors are connected at an accelerated rate, creating a massive Internet of Things (IoT).

These things collect large volumes of data; they can exchange information and even act on information. When these interconnected things are combined with big data analytics, machine learning and AI to process the data, it turns into a self-learning, intelligent ecosystem; that’s where innovation, disruption and magic happens.

Well, at least that’s how we at ATG see the future – we continue innovating and exploring new ways to merge these technologies and tools to unlock value for our customers and society.

Our ecosystem of diverse products and skills enables us to create tailored solutions for your unique business needs by cost-effectively combining technologies.