Device agnostic IoT management and analytics platform

Cloud IoT platform supporting a wide array of sensors and probes used to monitor assets or automate business processes across a range of industries.

A single platform for your IoT ecosystem

Flexible architecture and a device-agnostic nature enable Skydata to integrate into almost any IoT device or probe, allowing you to manage your entire IoT ecosystem from a single platform.


Interactive dashboard and reports

Turn your data into real-time interactive dashboards and reports that are easy to read and share. Available anytime on your browser, tablet or smartphone.

Custom alerts and notifications

Proactively manage your assets and business processes to drive accountability across the organisation using custom rule-based alerts and notifications.

Skydata - Custom Alerts And Notifications
Skydata - Manage Compliance Risks

manage compliance risks

Ensure that compliance risks are backed with hard data and facts through the logging, storing and proactive monitoring of historical data and events

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how does it work?


Deploy IoT sensors

Deploy IoT sensor to monitor, collect data and interact with assets in the field.


Business Rules

Configure business rules and contacts to be notified when relevant “business moments” or exceptions occur.

Dashboards & Reporting

Configure interactive dashboards, reports, analytics and mobile apps to ensure you always have visibility.

Focus on your business

Focus on your business knowing that any compliance or operational monitoring needs are automated.

Example Use Cases

Cold storage and humidity monitoring

Water, gas and electricity flow management

Air condition and air quality monitoring

Asset tracking and reporting

IoT enabled process automation


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Supported Protocols and IoT Networks

Skydata is device agnostic and supports a variety of protocols enabling it to integrate with most IoT sensors and devices

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are a software specialist and our focus is on the platforms and analytics. We work with a number of South African specialist hardware partners and engineering companies who build IoT sensors and devices, pre-integrated into Skydata.

Skydata supports a variety of protocols, devices and IoT networks. It was designed to be device agnostic and support a variety of sensors and probes from disparate suppliers. Our team is able to quickly integrate new probes for event parsing and processing.

Skydata is 100% built and owned by Argility, we are able to integrate into any existing or 3rd party system including your ERP or existing BI platform.

By default, we hold data for 3 years before archiving. Depending on your particular use case and business requirements, we are able to retain the data for as long as is necessary
Skydata uses a highly flexible built-in rules engine and unless your business needs are quite unique or unusual, it’s highly likely Skydata can be configured to support it without any further customisations.

Skydata is built using best-of-breed open source technologies and databases including PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, JAVA, Spring, ActiveMQ and Vaadin. Skydata utilises a microservices architecture and can be deployed on-premises, in a Kubernetes cluster or in the cloud for maximum scalability and performance. Depending on your exact requirements, an optimal deployment strategy will be utilised.

Yes, Skydata is a locally built and owned product. Our development teams are able to customise or extend the platform in any way required.

Absolutely, we work with many engineering and IoT hardware teams who focus on the firmware and hardware utilising Skydata as the backend platform. Talk to us about your requirements and we will gladly assist.

Case Studies

Temperature Monitoring and Control Thermolabile Pharmaceutical Products
Temperature Monitoring and Control for Fridges and Freezers
Informed Decisions and Skydata partner to deliver greater efficiencies for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Laboratories
Payroll Administrator

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