Delivery management and scheduling application

MultiTRAX enables organisations to effectively plan, schedule and track deliveries, enhancing driver efficiency while allowing customers to track and monitor the delivery process in real-time. 


Improve delivery scheduling and driver efficiencies

Through a central delivery planning dashboard, maximise route and driver schedules to enhance your delivery efficiencies.
Simple drag and drop functions on a central calendar will allow your delivery planners to easily create schedules per driver, to meet your business delivery needs and decrease unnecessary delivery costs.
Centrally track delivery progress via an easy to understand map view.
Automatic updates to the driver’s MultiTRAX mobile application ensures that your team knows immediately where to go, is always on track and are using the optimal routes.

Take Customer Experience To The Next Level

Give your business that customer experience edge by enabling your customers to track and monitor their deliveries real-time via sms. Enhance your customer service by sending pre-delivery notifications with an estimated time of arrival.
Safely allow your customers to accept goods via their mobile device.

Know how your customers feel real-time with an in-place quick customer satisfaction survey at time of delivery.


Simple And Easy Integration

Whether you are looking for a standalone or integrated solution, MultiTRAX will cater to your business needs. Manage inputs via Excel or choose seamless integrations into your ERP, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and E-commerce solutions.
Automatically receive proof of delivery confirmations, flagged unsuccessful deliveries and photographs taken by your team.

Gain a deeper understanding of your delivery and customer data, by using transaction information as input into your business intelligence tools or descriptive analytics platform.

If you are looking to improve your driver and routing efficiencies, limit your outgoing delivery calls and create a connected customer delivery experience, then MultiTRAX is for you.

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MultiTRAX delivery process



Business schedules and plans customer delivery request



Business provides the driver with a detailed delivery schedule on their mobile phone



Customer notification of delivery and tracking of the delivery process begins



Driver uses the mobile app to report delivery status at every destination point and notifies the customer of ETA



Customer uses OTP to confirm delivery at the destination and completes satisfaction score



Business tracks historical & current deliveries with a dashboard

Benefits for your Business

Benefits for your customers

Benefits for your customers


Let MultiTRAX elevate your last mile delivery

We can help you move orders, move drivers, and move your business!

Let’s connect and get you on track – with MultiTRAX

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Frequently asked questions

No – your customer will receive an SMS with a link. They simply click on the link to view a map with the delivery vehicle’s current location, on route to their destination.

  • To give your customer the ease of mind, they will receive an SMS with links to the driver’s photo, the delivery vehicle and the vehicle registration number for driver verification. 
  • Contactless Proof of Delivery is now possible. Your customer does not have to sign anything, keeping to health and safety regulations.
Yes, the driver can send an SMS directly to the customer using the MultiTRAX App.
Yes, photos can be taken via the MultiTRAX app related to a delivery event, i.e., damaged goods, locked gate, signed delivery note, flat tyre, vehicle breakdown, etc. These images are automatically uploaded and can be accessed using the MultiTRAX Management Module.
MultiTRAX is a great way to track any staff who are on the road, either doing deliveries, site visits or responsible for providing services to customers.
Yes this is the power of digitalisation! The minute the driver confirms the delivery, it is automatically updated and marked as done on the management module. You don’t have to wait for the delivery note to be brought back to the business premises as proof of delivery.
No. MultiTRAX uses the power of geospatial pins linking automatically to Google Maps the customer addresses plus the driver’s location. Helping you to create optimal delivery routes for scheduling and driver use.

No, we will securely host the MultiTRAX solution for you. There’s no need for you to buy hardware or worry about huge upfront investment. Our Software as a Service approach helps you to have a delivery scheduling solution which scales as your business does. Starter pack for 5 drivers from ZAR 3200 per month. 

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