Giving Back - our cSI

We believe that it is vital to make a difference beyond the world of work. Driven by our values of People-centricity, Passion, Excellence and Teamwork, we team up with staff members who are doing fantastic work in their communities, trying to make the world a brighter place for everyone.

Some initiatives that we are involved in

ATG Giving Back - Ikageng Itirileng Aids Ministry

ikageng Itireleng aids ministry

“Ikageng Itireleng” means “help them help themselves” in Sotho; and that is exactly what Ikageng Itireleng AIDS Ministry is doing for more than 1,000 orphaned and vulnerable children. These children have experienced first-hand the true devastation of losing their parents and guardians to AIDS. By providing for all their basic needs, Ikageng relieves some of the pressure and despair faced by children who, having lost parents, are forced to take on adult roles.

Ikageng Itireleng’s community-based model of care builds a strong family unit and ultimately ensures that the children have a stable support system to help sustain them through difficult times.

Over the past few years, the ATG family has built a playground, sponsored Christmas parcels and donated time and ICT equipment to help the management team and children have access to the digital needs required.

action4 blind and disabled children

We believe in creating new opportunities for those less fortunate and annually provide bursaries for disabled students allowing them to enter the digital world of work.

Action4 teaches blind and disabled young people about computers and software with the goal of allowing them to write their Microsoft accreditations.

ATG sponsors learnerships for multiple students, giving them the skills to enter the workplace. We believe in opening up opportunities by growing their careers for purposeful futures.

ATG Giving Back - Action4 Blind and Disabled Children
ATG Giving Back - Releasing Eagles Mentorship Program

releasing eagles mentorship program

Releasing Eagles wishes to create a safe environment of trust, love and support in which everyone has the freedom to discover their vision and explore possibilities. They create platforms and environments where the dreams and potential of our young leaders are incubated and nurtured through strategic partnerships. Argility’s belief in youth empowerment and leadership development aims to support Releasing Eagles beneficiaries by hosting workshops, work readiness and skills development programmes.

same foundation

The mission of the SA Medical and Education Foundation is to create an environment where quality healthcare and education are available to everyone. We provide funding to improve learning and classroom experiences for rural schools.
ATG Giving Back - Same Foundation

We are a team that strives to create a better future for our communities and our customers