AI-powered customer behaviour analytics


Gain a deeper understanding of your customers using real-time interactive dashboards and big data analytics. Predict future behaviours and create hyper-personalised customer engagements using predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI.

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Customer FAQ

What do I need to get started?

You need historical data, preferably lots of it.

What if I only need descriptive and not predictive analytics?

Machine learning and predictive models are optional and can be enabled when required.

What data do I need?

Depending on the product we need data points about customers, sales, inventory, promotions, stores, payments, etc. We will provide you with an exact template depending on the product, industry, and use case.

How long does a typical implementation take?

If the data is clean and formatted correctly one to two weeks. If data requires ETL and cleaning then it depends on the data accessibility, quality, volume, variety, and velocity.

What if my historical data is messy or unstructured, can you clean it up?

Yes, our data engineers can clean and transform the data before importing it if you do not have the internal skills or capacity.

What will it cost me to run?

It depends on what modules and models you select, the volume of data, and the processing power required on a monthly basis. You only pay for what you use.