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Argility Technology Group solves problem of queue busting and gathering clean data

Argility Technology Group solves problem of queue busting and gathering clean data

The Argility Technology Group (ATG) has efficiently solved the ongoing challenges organisations experience around accurate, efficient gathering of customer data, flawed data skewing analytics and a lack of proper addresses hampering service delivery to customers.

With a simple solution that connects to retailers’ point of sale or other systems, customers can now use their mobile devices to take charge of the process of accurately inputting data, pinpointing their addresses on a map and verifying their own identity.

Argility’s new UCapture makes customer onboarding, market surveys and other data capturing simple, by allowing customers to add and confirm their own personal information, pin their home location on a Google map and even validate their identity numbers. The data is then transferred to retailers’ own systems, reducing time spent collecting the information in stores and ensuring that the data is clean and accurate.

Eamon McCann, Chief Technical Officer of ATG, says the company, which provides solutions and support for major retail outlet brands, sought to overcome a common challenge for retailers selling big ticket items. “Retailers want to build greater efficiency and improve the customer experience, but due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have limits on the investments they can make on their internal systems,” he says. “At the same time, they want access to clean data for analytics.”

UCapture addresses these challenges and more. Not only does it speed up queues and ensure quality data is captured, but by pinpointing home coordinates on a map, it also overcomes the challenge of supporting deliveries to rural areas with no formal address. With an integrated dashboard, UCapture allows administrators and managers to see how many requests were sent, how many are active and how many reverted.

Because all data is fully encrypted, UCapture supports POPIA compliance at a very affordable price – at around R1-R2 per customer onboarding. “This may sound simple, but it offers a huge return on investment and really adds value. At Argility, we have been blown away by how well it has taken off,” says McCann.

The solution has undergone an eight-week pilot at a major furniture retailer with excellent results: 70% of customers were willing to use the solution to capture their own personal information. This resulted in faster time to service, shorter queues and a better customer experience. UCapture will be launched to the broader market in August 2021.

Source: IT Web

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