Managed services for a customer-driven world

Managing multi-vendor relationships and IT operational challenges is often both frustrating and time-consuming, depriving you of the time you need to focus on more important, strategic business issues. The impact of this causes progressive damage to your business, especially in today’s world of on-demand retail.

The complexity and high demands of IT systems and applications make it increasingly challenging to optimally manage them in-house. This creates difficulty in realising ROI.

As a result, the growing trend is to outsource these processes to external service providers, enabling organisations to focus on their core businesses.

We understand your business as well as the technical domain

Argility Managed Services are designed to empower our customers with the ability to plan and implement a more strategic approach to the running of their businesses. 

Every engagement with us is unique. Through consultation we will establish the areas where your service levels could be improved, costs reduced, and productivity plus performance increased. Determining the underlying cause of a problem and routing it to the correct vendor has a huge impact on the resolution time and the subsequent impact on business.

Our Managed Services team will oversee services across 5 main areas: Application, Platform, Workspace, Database and Network.


Alignment of IT infrastructure and business goals

IT is now a key strategic business driver in organisations. We help you to bring the two into effective harmony.

Immediate value without changing service providers

We can add significant value simply by taking over the daily management of your environment.

A complete, bespoke service

From simple call management and service monitoring, to a total outsourced solution, we can tailor Managed Services to your business needs.

Flexibility, scalability and right-fit IT

Our Managed Services provide IT solutions and infrastructure that evolve as your business grows.

Proactive monitoring and maintenance

Managed Services are exactly that: end-to-end services that we install, maintain, support and completely take off your hands.

Service delivery management excellence

We interface at all levels in the support function, acting as the crucial link between your customers and your vendors.


No need to expand your IT function

Increase application & infrastructure performance

Reduced risk through proactive management

Improved governance through SLAs

Gain expert insight through knowledge transfer

Optimise your entire IT function costs


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