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Reflecting on our Corporate Social Responsibility in 2023: Making a Meaningful Impact

In 2023, our company embarked on a journey to extend our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts beyond mere philanthropy. At Argility Technology Group (ATG), we aim to give back and make a tangible and sustainable impact on the communities we serve, not only those in which we live but also those who are not as fortunate as us, while aligning our initiatives with our core values.

The ATG family is all about positive change and making an impact.

We focused on addressing pressing social challenges through strategic partnerships, innovative projects, and dedicated resources, extending our support, love and heart to various initiatives. Let’s delve into the highlight of our corporate social investments and the transformative outcomes they yielded.

Donations to help people irrespective of age, race or creed:

  • CHOC – An NGO that aims to provide support to children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders and their families.
    • Our donations helped to provide much-needed treatment for low-income households who cannot afford it.
  • Johenco Old Age Home – A BPO that cares for older persons to promote active ageing and support them to live a life of quality and dignity.
    • We purchased a solar geyser and panels to give senior citizens warm water in the Winter and reduce their electricity costs.
  • Angels Baby Sanctuary – An NPO that takes care of abandoned, abused and orphaned babies by providing a place of safety and meeting all their needs.
    • Our donations sponsored five babies with food and care.
  • Action for the Blind and Disabled Children – An NPO who makes a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Blind and disabled young people receive education free of charge.
    • We updated their PCs with the necessary software and licences to enhance learners’ learning experiences.
  • Alex Hospice & Rehabilitation Centre – A PBO in the Alexandra community that cares for people who are infected and ravaged by HIV/AIDS.
    • Our donations sponsored much-needed primary healthcare for patients who cannot help themselves.

Further donations extended to helpless, abandoned and abused animals:

  • Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organisation – An NPO that rescues abused, neglected and lost animals with the aim of rehabilitation and re-homing.
    • Our donations helped feed the animals and provided needed vaccinations and medication.
  • Hellen White in the Community – An NPO that assists the community with education in animal care, responding to animal emergencies with veterinary support and paying bills.
    • Our donations helped feed the animals and provided needed vaccinations and medication.

As we reflect on our corporate social responsibility in 2023, we take pride in our transformative impact on individuals and communities. By aligning our CSR initiatives with our values and business objectives, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and driving sustainable change. Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to continuously innovating and collaborating with stakeholders to address evolving societal challenges and create a brighter, more equitable future for all.

“We may make a living by what we get, but we make a lifewith what we give.”  Winston Churchill

By Wanda Kriel – ATG People Lead and Special Projects

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