ATG - The new Chapter

ATG – the next chapter

ATG the next chapter

By Anja Justus, Marketing Manager – Argility Technology Group

The ATG family has moved to new offices – not too far from our previous space – so we are keeping that great central location.

Our old offices served us well and was a place that saw many innovative ideas come to life yielding unforgettable memories. However, change is the one inevitable aspects of life. We couldn’t be more thrilled about our new space and starting this new chapter.

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change” Richard Branson.

Over the past few months, we were technically ‘homeless’, embracing the home-office way of working, but that is not to say ATG was standing still – we most definitely were not. ATG has undergone many changes during that period. Now after months of preparation and hard work, we have eventually moved into our new domain.

There were several motivating factors behind the move. Yes, our lease agreement had come to an end, but it was fortuitous timing as it encouraged us to rethink how we needed to get ready for the post-pandemic journey and embrace the new future of work.

Onwards and upwards

ATG continues to grow, and we would love to have all our colleagues back in the office. But as a natural step of growth and with the changing world of work due to COVID19 , we had to explore the options of allowing our colleagues to work from across the globe and to complete assignments when and where they feel most productive. So we decided a hybrid/remote working environment was the best model to adopt.

Our new space is slightly smaller than the previous one, but our office features and facilities have had a major revamp benefiting both our customers and the ATG team. Therefore, we now have more greenery, collaboration spaces, and high-tech meeting rooms. What more can anyone ask for?

Now, slowly but surely we are settling in and getting back into the swing of in-person things.


A big shout-out and special thanks to everyone involved who worked tirelessly around the clock and behind the scenes, to successfully transition us into the new environment.

Nothing is stopping us now!

Tech meets nature

Let’s take a brief tour:

  • First, a warm welcome to Reception, where we will help you find your way.
  • Next, our office space: An open floorplan concept with hot desks, allowing you to choose the perfect spot where the magic happens.
  • Many collaboration and innovation spaces are strong features from where creativity and epic outcomes will flow.
  • Our user-friendly shiny meeting rooms are kitted with the latest technology to ensure we don’t miss a beat, allowing us to connect anywhere with team members or customers.
  • The Pause and Patio area: A great welcome space for employees and guests – our favourite place to breathe, connect and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea; a place for many celebrations to come.
  • Last but not least, welcome to The Firs! The hustle and bustle below us keep us sane. With great restaurants within easy walking distance, we can grab a meal or have a team lunch – doing it in style. Sometimes the best ideas happen outside of the office.

ATGs’ new chapter

But more important than any office space – our people – they make our working environment a place of energy and synergy, taking us to new levels of possibilities. We’ve got a great team of innovative, passionate, motivated, productive, creative thinkers and lifelong colleagues – this is the essence of the ATG family.

It has been quite a rollercoaster ride for ATG with many challenges and exciting times – we look at our new space as the start of another chapter in our history.

“In every end is the seed of a new beginning” Liz Hester.

If you are in the area, please pop in and say hello! 

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