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How do retailers get a piece of the delivery pie? by Tanya Long

I would hazard a guess that at the moment if one was to hold a 2 am online webinar, there would be countless heads of businesses awake to attend. Sleep has been evading many due to worry and planning on how to survive this Covid-19 pandemic.

Questions like: “How do I pivot my business?” “How do I make up for lost revenue?” “How do I draw customers back in spite of decreased ability to spend?” and be smart about it all?
You may also be asking yourself “With my current cash flow how do I get a piece of the delivery pie without it costing me an arm and a leg?” “How do I retain my existing customer base?” “How do I make my business attractive to new customers?”

Let’s be honest with ourselves about two things: now is the time and speed of implementation is vitally important. Covid-19 is a digitisation catalyst that cannot be ignored. Goods delivery as primary customer touchpoint is now more important than ever.
As tempting as it may be, it isn’t a matter of hiring 5 drivers and sending them off into the sunset with deliveries, but rather investing in a driver delivery application for optimal scheduling and tracking.

One that allows you to efficiently plan your deliveries. One that proactively informs customers of arrival times and upon delivery allows contactless delivery confirmation (especially important during these Covid-19 times). Exceeding customer expectations and delivery efficiency is vital. The absence of which the bitter taste of the delivery pie could hurt your business more than help. We all know that an unhappy customer could spread poor customer service news like a brushfire through social media platforms.

What I’m suggesting is that in order to smartly transform you’ll need to invest. Surprisingly the investment doesn’t need to break the bank.
Smart technology businesses are rising to the challenge with affordable solutions to goods delivery as an optimised process.

Argility’s customer-centric MultiTrax delivery application gives you control over the quality of your delivery touchpoint. Why not drop one of our team a message to get your business quickly into the running – Or check out the solution at

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Brief Bio: Tanya Long – Chief Operating Officer, Argility Technology Group

Tanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

Tanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

Tanya has 30 years industry experience and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Argility Technology Group.

Tanya’s career in the IT sector started in 1988 in IT Support for Point of Sale solutions. She moved formally into software development with UCS/Argility in 1989 as a developer and progressed through to: team leader; account management; project, and development management roles

Tanya is an internationally Certified Consciousness Coach, Enneagram Practitioner, and leadership speaker and facilitator.  She is considered a specialist in the fields of culture and engagement and often presents at conferences on the topic of engagement, leadership and coaching.  Her strengths lie in her exceptional people management abilities and dedication to precision and execution.

In 2017, Tanya was appointed Human Capital Executive at Argility where she reunited her Retail, IT, Leadership, HR and coaching knowledge to drive her zeal for transformation.  In her capacity as COO, she heads up the Sales and Marketing and HR teams whilst driving performance and processes within the group.

Tanya’s vision is to ensure that the Argility Technology Group is filled with engaged, skilled and innovative individuals delivering outstanding customer-centric solutions.