Are you feeling the heat? Calling all Retailers of Pre-Cooked; Frozen and Refrigerated Food. SkyData

Are you feeling the heat? Calling all Retailers of Pre-Cooked; Frozen and Refrigerated food.

Are you feeling the heat? Calling all Retailers of Pre-Cooked; Frozen and Refrigerated food.

By Tanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

What is your worst nightmare this week? Whilst Covid-19 related challenges may be all-consuming at present, temperatures not correctly set or monitored resulting in non-compliance with health regulations and stock losses could be adding unnecessary stress! Temperature control is a business imperative for all retailers stocking pre-cooked, frozen, refrigerated food and cold beverage products. It is crucial that these products are stored in optimal environmental conditions to preserve quality and guarantee customer satisfaction. For products that are subject to formal regulation, it may also be a requirement that historical temperature data is logged and stored for compliance reasons.
Argility can help you achieve this goal through our IoT management solution, SkyData. The SkyData platform links to device-agnostic probes that constantly monitor fridge and freezer temperatures, logs historical data, and triggers alerts when thresholds are breached to authorised users.

SkyData platform supports capabilities such as email/SMS notifications, data visualisation, dashboards, and reporting, which can be further enriched with predictive analytics and machine learning. By utilising the wealth of data available from Skydata, businesses will be able to take swift action from insights gained.

SkyData platform - how it works

Argility SkyData Platform – how it works


What does SkyData do?

The platform empowers companies to connect devices and deploy applications that enable automated data collection and analysis, remote device management, contextual and real-time decision making. It permits businesses to monitor and manage any number of data points presented from various devices, and may be used to scrutinise and administer anything on a dashboard from temperature; humidity to utilities – electricity; water; gas usage and assets such as billboards, machinery and more.

Businesses are increasingly pressured to optimise returns on assets, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiencies. As you move to introduce new refrigerated and frozen food products to meet growing demand, you need to ensure that environmental conditions are monitored and kept at optimal ranges. It is also vital to ensure that you comply with regulations specifying temperature ranges at which different food products must be stored and keep a record of the temperature readings.

If the specified storage temperature range is breached, SkyData notifies you immediately by SMS and email. This allows you to immediately take corrective action and prevent products from being damaged or compromised. It also prevents stock loss and of course, most importantly removes risking the health of customers.
The SkyData platform registers each fridge and freezer individually, and each one can have its own unique temperature range settings, with detailed dashboard reporting where required.

Who should be looking at this product?

  • Supermarkets and speciality food stores
  • Liquor stores, Taverns, Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Store types:
    • Individual stores
    • Chain stores
    • Mall stores
    • Hyper stores

SkyData can integrate into any business operational system, feed from and to multiple data sources and deliver data sets to any mobile device. It provides for web-based administration plus configuration and it includes mobile apps for both Android and iOS for remote access – anytime, anywhere.

The bottom line is that this IoT platform is set to transform asset and resource monitoring management – now that’s something to keep the nightmares at bay!

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Brief Bio: Tanya Long – Chief Operating Officer, Argility Technology Group

Are you feeling the heat? Calling all Retailers of Pre-Cooked; Frozen and Refrigerated FoodTanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

Tanya Long, COO Argility Technology Group

Tanya has 30 years of industry experience and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Argility Technology Group.

Tanya’s career in the IT sector started in 1988 in IT Support for Point of Sale solutions. She moved formally into software development with UCS/Argility in 1989 as a developer and progressed through to team leader; account management; project, and development management roles

Tanya is an internationally Certified Consciousness Coach, Enneagram Practitioner, and leadership speaker and facilitator.  She is considered a specialist in the fields of culture and engagement and often presents at conferences on the topic of engagement, leadership and coaching.  Her strengths lie in her exceptional people management abilities and dedication to precision and execution.

In 2017, Tanya was appointed Human Capital Executive at Argility where she reunited her Retail, IT, Leadership, HR and coaching knowledge to drive her zeal for transformation.  In her capacity as COO, she heads up the Sales and Marketing and HR teams whilst driving performance and processes within the group.

Tanya’s vision is to ensure that the Argility Technology Group is filled with engaged, skilled and innovative individuals delivering outstanding customer-centric solutions.