Argility Digital Assets Management System

Tanya Long, Argility COO, unveils the enhanced version of DAMSense

Argility’s Digital Asset Management System

It’s always good to get to the point quickly and what is the point here?  Well, it is that DAMSense makes sense of digital assets and enables businesses to organise, store and retrieve. Now that’s an attention grabber for any business readership.  

DAMSense is a comprehensive Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, which enables companies to manage and make sense of digital media files in one central and searchable repository platform. The solution can be deployed across a range of organisations – from large eCommerce enabled image websites to internal corporate branding asset management systems.

It is important to understand that DAM is now a strategic business priority. DAMSense is set to lead the multiple usage innovation arenas where it is already deployed and proving to show the best return on investment (ROI). 

DAM enables companies to: accelerate time to delivery for marketing campaigns; increase the number of promotions that marketers can deliver in a given time period and launch new products more quickly, while at the same time accelerating global product launches.

DAMSense provides organisations with the ability to make sense of their images, videos, music, PDF’s and other documents in one central and searchable place.

Already successfully deployed!

DAMSense has already been implemented successfully at a wide range of companies in Southern Africa, supplying solutions that provide real benefits on a daily basis.

It is a cost-effective and high-performing webserver application that is delivered either as a cloud or as an inhouse hosted service, giving you access to a leading-edge digital asset management system. The benefits of the cloud platform are that it limits the costs and worries of running a high performing server infrastructure.  It has been designed to be modular, providing the ability to build the solution you require. Moreover, it is branded to our client’s requirements, and as such, adheres to their organisational identity standards.

The solution offers: on-demand access to contracts; management of a single view of customers’ history and prevention of duplication of form-filling for frequent customers. In a digital asset management environment, the enhanced metadata features powered by AI, facilitate the process of organising, storing and retrieving rich media assets.  It also serves to alleviate the need for expensive storage space and resources.

DAM proven to reduce costs

The implementation of DAM has been proven to decrease asset creation costs as it leads to better asset reuse; avoidance of duplication of effort and a reduction in the number of assets that are created but never used.

Productivity benefits include: less time spent searching for assets; streamlined review and approval processes, plus easier collaboration with external stakeholders. It also provides greater visibility into project status, which is an enabler of productivity gains. But at the same time, it reduces risk as it prevents non-compliance use of licensed content; unapproved assets being used and it stops the theft or leak of intellectual property.

DAMSense can be applied in a myriad of industry sectors and holds great promise and relevance for any of the following industries and more:

  • Media – Create libraries of news and research material.
  • Corporate – Control and protect brand usage across distributed departments.
  • Travel and Tourism – Share up-to-date images with business partners, including: brochure and website material.
  • Retail – Locate images with ease for campaigns, brand usage, press releases and collaboration with business partners.
  • Public Sector – Create large scale, centralised national archives, whilst securing sensitive digital material.
  • Education – Create and share libraries of learning material for lectures and seminars.

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Brief Bio: Tanya Long – Chief Operating Officer, Argility Technology Group

Tanya has 30 years industry experience and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Argility Technology Group.

Tanya’s career in the IT sector started in 1988 in IT Support for Point of Sale solutions. She moved formally into software development with UCS/Argility in 1989 as a developer and progressed through to: team leader; account management; project, and development management roles

Tanya is an internationally Certified Consciousness Coach, Enneagram Practitioner, and leadership speaker and facilitator.  She is considered a specialist in the fields of culture and engagement and often presents at conferences on the topic of engagement, leadership and coaching.  Her strengths lie in her exceptional people management abilities and dedication to precision and execution.

In 2017, Tanya was appointed Human Capital Executive at Argility where she reunited her Retail, IT, Leadership, HR and coaching knowledge to drive her zeal for transformation.  In her capacity as COO, she heads up the Sales and Marketing and HR teams whilst driving performance and processes within the group.

Tanya’s vision is to ensure that the Argility Technology Group is filled with engaged, skilled and innovative individuals delivering outstanding customer-centric solutions.